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Infinity Crusade #2: Review

Jul 1993
Jim Starlin, Ron Lim

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4 stars

Infinity Crusade #2 Review by (November 19, 2022)
The Goddess' sanctuary at the heart of the Paradise Omega planet also seems to include a mysterious container which will presumably be relevant later on.

Tie-ins to this issue:-

The end of Warlock & Infinity Watch #18 as Pip The Troll teleports his group to Avengers Mansion leads directly to their entrance in this issue.

The Marvel Chronology Project puts only the opening part of WIW#19 with IC#2. In it a bunch of heroes force Pip and his smelly costume to have a bath. And Galactus senses something wrong with the universe but can't detect Goddess.

Alpha Flight #123 continues the story of the now-demonic Witchfire who has been told to oppose Goddess by her mystery father, and started by seemingly killing most of Beta Flight. Now Guardian, Northstar and Wildheart return to Department H (after Aurora goes with Iron Man, Mr Fantastic and Vision to seek the Goddess in our issue) to find out what's going on. They fight demons while Witchfire sneaks off to Paradise Omega to sow doubt in the minds of Sasquatch and Talisman. Then she returns to confront *them*. But Wyre has survived last issue and is coming for revenge.
(The 2nd story is part 2 of a 2-part Puck tale which happens earlier.)

AF#124 continues with Witchfire holding Guardian, Manikin, Northstar and Wildheart captive. Manikin discovers he can now change to any of the alternate selves he used to manifest as separate beings. The 4 plus Wyre defeat Witchfire and Manikin persuades her to revert to her (relatively) good human self. Sasquatch and Talisman fight off their doubts. Goddess isn't happy that Witchfire meddled with them and sends Puck, Sasquatch, Talisman and Windshear after her, but Guardian persuades them to go away.
In an epilogue set after Guardian, Northstar and Wildheart return to Avengers Mansion for IC#3 we learn that Beta Flight are still alive and that Witchfire's father is the demon Belasco.
(The 2nd (Windshear) story is part of IC but not until IC#5.)

The the remaining 4 issues (or at least their new stuff) are all set near the end of this issue after Goddess and her cosmic egg descend to the centre of Paradise Omega.

In Dr Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #55 DrS's astral body is free of Goddess' mental influence. He is shown an illusion where evolution is hyper-accelerated on Paradise Omega (as it was on the previous Counter-Earth) leading to a different Stephen Strange becoming a disciple of Dormammu. Our DrS almost combines forces with his counterpart against Goddess, until he realises it's all a trick by Dormammu. The story ends with his astral body rejoining his physical body and forgetting what happened.
(The non-IC 2nd story starring Kyllian probably continues to be set during IC#1.)

All but the beginning of Web Of Spider-Man #104 belong here. We see versions of bits of this issue:- Mr Fantastic explaining what's going on the the assembled heroes in Avengers Mansion. Goddess explaining her plan to her flock in Paradise Omega until she enters the egg and sinks into the planet. Then we have new stuff where Peter Parker can't ignore his doubts and Moondragon fights him as a heretic. The issue ends with Spidey seemingly drawn into Goddess' underground sanctuary and made to face shadows of his friends and enemies.
(The 2nd story is part 1 of a 3-part Nightwatch tale which happens before IC.)

WOSM#105 has Spider-Man fighting a bunch of Goddess' followers led by Moondragon, but thinking he's fighting his friends and enemies as Peter Parker in a nightmare New York. Until he realises that he really does believe in the Goddess.
(The 2nd story is part 1 of the 3-part Nightwatch tale.)

In Marc Spector, Moon Knight #57 Goddess doesn't think he's really worthy to be in the Crusade. So to prove her wrong he joins the gang fighting Spider-Man in WOSM#105. We see his version of his and Multiple Man's part of the battle in that issue. At the end Goddess still isn't sure about him. And in the last panel we jump to within IC#5 despite the fact that MK is seen in IC#3-4 (and WOSM#106).
A large amount of the issue is taken up with all the MK series' other chars in the ongoing Hellbent plotline.

Terror Inc #13 (its last) isn't listed or bannered as an IC tie-in but it mentions in passing that some people are following a Goddess in her Crusade. As such it probably fits in somewhere round here.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Infinity Crusade #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue the Goddess brought some superheroes who believed in her Infinity Crusade to Paradise Omega, a cathedral on a newly-created planet on the opposite side of the Sun to Earth. She now addresses her flock about what she claims is the Supreme One(ie God)'s will that they cleanse the universe of evil. The cathedral contains comms equipment to spread the good word, and teleportation devices to send them to carry out his will anywhere in the galaxy.

Meanwhile the heroes not invited have assembled in Avengers Mansion. They suspect Thanos is behind the disappearance of their fellows, but they've contacted his father Mentor on Titan who says he can't detect him anywhere. Hulk blames Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch but Thing suggests he might just be miffed because Drax of the Watch beat him (WIW#13). Human Torch is wondering where Mr Fantastic went.

It is at this point that Pip of the Watch teleports in with Drax, Maxam and Reed Richards (all from WIW#18). Nobody recognises the newbie Maxam, and Ben Grimm immediately assumes that he's the big bad who's kidnapped Reed, and the Infinity Watch are his stooges. He grabs Maxam who responds by growing bigger and bulkier and then Drax punches him to the ground. But of course this starts a general attack led by Hulk and Wolverine. Maxam just stands there and lets people punch him. Hulk and Drax have round 2. Pip just teleports out of the way to attack people from behind. It's up to Mr Fantastic to calm everyone down and explain that the Watch are on their side.

The Avengers' monitoring system has detected that no crimes have been committed in the last few hours anywhere in the world. Richards tells them of some things he discovered in WIW#18 - that their foe calls herself the Goddess and she has a load of Cosmic Containment Units (Cosmic Cubes) with which she's blanketing the Earth with telepathic waves. And it is these waves that are turning bad guys good, and have caused their missing companions to go to her willingly.

Meanwhile Goddess is claiming to her followers that it is her mere presence here which has caused the epidemic of goodness. But she can't convert the whole galaxy by herself. To that end she tells them she has gathered 30 CCUs from various realities and combined them into a huge cosmic egg which she now shows them. This will enable her awaken a comic group consciousness which will become a universal will to remould the galaxy.

Silver Surfer questions whether the 6 Infinity Gems might not overpower even 30 CCUs. But Goddess reminds him that the Supreme One's servant the Living Tribunal has decreed that the 6 Gems may not be used together. (Besides she privately knows that she's disposed of the guardians of 2 of the Gems in WIW#18. And she has 2 of the others on her side anyway.) Invisible Woman asks whether cosmic entities like the Tribunal or Eternity might interfere. Goddess claims that they are aware of what's happening (and as we saw in WIW#18 and Dr Strange #54 Eternity is definitely staying out of it). She will do her work from within the cosmic egg and she wants her troops to defend her against attack while she works. Telepathic Moondragon will be her contact with them all.

At Avengers Mansion Nomad has joined the gathering because there are no crimes out their for him to stop. And Vision has learned that all armed conflicts have stopped throughout the globe. At this point Aurora of Alpha Flight switches to her religious alternate personality Jeanne-Marie. And she feels the Goddess' call. Mr Fantastic suggests they let her go to the Goddess in a quinjet, but some of them should accompany her. (Meanwhile Johnny Storm wonders why he wasn't chosen by the Goddess alongside his sister Sue. Thing suggests it may be because he and Torch have too much doubt.)

Moondragon senses Aurora's situation but Goddess isn't concerned. MrF, Iron Man and Vision accompany Aurora in the quinjet as Goddess guides it past the Sun towards where the heroes know Counter-Earth used to be. They are watched by Surfer and Firelord (who they hadn't known were part of the Crusade), but the 2 let them pass. As they approach the planet they see it guarded by defensive satellites and an energy shield. But again they are allowed through. Crystal and Invisible Woman are on 1 of the satellites. And Sue Richards knows that if the Goddess had wanted it she would have fired on the craft which she knows contains her husband.

The quinjet lands and the passengers step out. But suddenly the planet is transformed to floating rocks, and then back again as a display of Goddess' power. She wants the 3 heroes to return to Earth to warn the others not to interfere with her plan. Mr Fantastic asks why she needs followers if she's so powerful. Goddess admits to not being omnipotent, and claims that her flock joined her willingly. MrF claims that isn't true because he detects telepathic emissions from the egg to her retinue. Moondragon protests that he's lying because her Mind Gem would have detected it. But Reed has planted a seed of doubt. Reed offers the help of he and his 2 companions but Goddess knows they would only seek ways to sabotage things. So she sends them and the quinjet immediately back to Earth orbit. They report back to Avengers Mansion before heading somewhere else.

In the Mansion Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) wonders if the Goddess' goal is maybe a good thing. Prof X agrees but others don't. Spider-Woman also wonders if bad guys like Dr Doom and Thanos would be out to stop her eradicating evil. Prof X says that the good guys at least have to monitor what she's doing to make sure the result would truly good.

Now we look in on Adam Warlock (between #1 and #2 of his new Warlock Chronicles series) as he flies to rescue the guardian of the Reality Gem and mend a rupture in reality.

And then we follow the quinjet to the Blue Area of the Moon where Mr Fantastic introduces Iron Man and Vision to the Watcher.

And then back to Paradise Omega where Goddess enters the cosmic egg and they both sink into the ground. All the way down to a hidden sanctuary in the centre of this new planet. And she expands her consciousness out into the universe.

Ron Lim
Al Milgrom
Ian Laughlin
Ron Lim (Cover Penciler)
Al Milgrom (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jack Morelli.
Editor: Craig Anderson. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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Plus: Aurora, Goddess, Maxam, Moondragon, Nomad (Jack Monroe), Pip the Troll, Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter).

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