Inhuman Special #1

April 2015
Jeff Loveness, Ryan Lee

Story Name:

Inhuman Error: Part 2

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4 stars

By Peter on March 28, 2017

Comments: Part 1 was in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN SPECIAL #1, Part 3 in ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA SPECIAL #1. Red Raven's origin was related in (where else) RED RAVEN COMICS #1 in 1940.

Review: See AMAZING SPIDER-MAN SPECIAL #1 for review.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Story continued from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN SPECIAL #1

Spider-Man and the four rookie Inhumans are plummeting through the bottom of the flying city; after a few moments of panic, Spidey is able to web up a net to catch them at the bottom-most point of the city....

Upstairs, Red Raven relates his story to Medusa, Gorgon, and Triton: he was an orphan raised on Sky-Island among bird-people and given artificial wings so that he could fly. Lonely in his adoptive home, he set out to become a superhero in the human world, alone and partnered with others like Captain America and the other Invaders. After his time of adventuring he returned to Sky-Island to find love and a real life with a woman named Vera. But then the Terrigen Mists came to Sky-Island and many of the bird-people mutated and died—including Vera. Medusa protests her innocence, telling him that it was Black Bolt who unleashed the Terrigen Bomb and promises to aid the Raven's people. This is not good enough for Red Raven who sets his gravity engines to destroy New Attilan, the Inhumans' home....

Outside the floating city, Spider-Man and the rookie Inhumans are climbing up the outside of the structure. Spidey reaches for his Avengers card to summon help—but he left the card at home. The kids get annoyed at his joking but Spidey turns serious for a moment, assessing the odds against them but he is determined to do what is right. They are attacked by bird-men and Spidey coordinates the teens in using their powers to force the enemy back and seal off the tunnel. At this point the gravity engine kicks on, hurling Spidey over the edge toward certain death—then he is plucked out of the air by Captain America Sam Wilson, the one with the wings.....



Jeff Loveness
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee
Nolan Woodard
Jamal Campbell (Cover Penciler)
Jamal Campbell (Cover Inker)
Nolan Woodard (Cover Colorist)