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Invincible Iron Man #7: Review

May 1997
Jeph Loeb, Ryan Benjamin

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Look Back in Anger

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3 stars

Invincible Iron Man #7 Review by (August 5, 2019)
Review: Quirky issue begins with an extended scene of the Mandarin (no longer a stereotyped Chinese warlord but a stereotyped Chinese magician) intimidating Madame Hydra as punishment for trying to kill Tony Stark. It's flashy and offers a more fantastic angle to the standard sci-fi tropes that loom large in Iron Man's legend. Then Thor gives Iron Man some advice: don't look back in anger; Thor is surprisingly portrayed as one who has insights into human behavior appropriate for one who has lived among humanity for some time—and opposite to the big clod he frequently comes across as in more recent comics and in the movies. Too bad he couldn't have gotten his own series at this time. And finally (ignoring the Doc Samson subplot which is actually a Hulk storyline) we learn that, instead of building up to a Happy/Pepper romance over several years, we're starting off with it (which is better than Hank and Janet Pym starting off as an abusive couple as in the Ultimates). And there's a surprise ending: Rebel is still alive! Since Tony's plan to be a good guy superhero was motivated by Rebel's apparent death, I wonder if this is going to going to destroy his resolve? We'll see, ha ha!

Comments: Title comes from a famous play by John Osborne.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #7 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander

Mandarin tries to intimidate Madame Hydra by appearing as a gigantic dragon but she doesn't scare easily. Now that they have one another's measure he wants to know why she sent Whirlwind to kill Tony Stark when she knew Mandarin wanted him alive. She doesn't answer and he puts her through a painful wringer and leaves her; she wonders how Hydra can take advantage of him.

Iron Man shows Thor the armory in the basement of Avengers Mansion and the God of Thunder is not impressed. Thor, sensing some burden on Shellhead's heart, advises him “Do not look back in anger” and departs. 

Leonard Samson is kidnapped by Jasper Sitwell after a phone tap revealed his association with Bruce Banner. Sitwell’s interrogation tactics involved threatening to inject Samson with a gamma solution if he doesn't tell him where Banner is hiding.

After paying a visit to his midtown offices, Stark leaves for a massage session that Pepper scheduled. It is revealed that she is in a romantic relationship with Happy Hogan.

Minutes after he leaves, his office is under attack by an unknown assailant. When he arrives, he digs Pepper out of the rubble. She's screaming that Happy Hogan is dead.

He turns around and discovers that the assailant is his friend Rebel O'Reilly in an updated suit of armor. He greets his old friend and says that he thought that Hogan was Stark ... for what it's worth.

Ryan Benjamin
Sandra Hope
Joe Chiodo
Ryan Benjamin (Cover Penciler)
JD (Cover Inker)
Plot: . Letterer: Comicraft.
Editor: Mike Heisler.


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Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts

(Pepper Hogan)

(Jennifer Walters)


Plus: Connor "Rebel" O'Reilly (Connor O'Reilly), Jasper Sitwell.

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