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Invincible Iron Man #27: Review

Mar 2008
Charles Knauf, Carlo Pagulayan

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Haunted, part 7

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #27 Review by (January 11, 2016)
Carlos Pagulayan is the penciller for this issue. After Roberto de la Torre returns to finish this story next issue, Carlos will be back for the following arc.

Ho Yinsen died helping create Iron Man in Vietnam in Tale of Suspense #39. (Actually his brain was preserved, and the Sons of Yinsen cult much later installed it in an Iron Man armour, but he sacrificed himself in battle in IM(1998)#48.) After the rewrite during #1-6 of this series that relocated the origin to Afghanistan, Yinsen's son came to get revenge in #7-12 and was killed there.

Doc Samson recently (Thunderbolts #117-121) clashed with Norman Osborn over the psychiatric treatment of Penance. While there he saw Osborn briefly resume his Green Goblin persona, admittedly with a push from some characters with mental powers. After this he'll join Iron Man again in Fantastic Four #556-557.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #27 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Tony Stark sees the ghosts of Ho Yinsen and his son who talk about clouds and rain. Then he wakes up in old Iron Man armour in a field near Omaha. The SHIELD helicarrier is in the distance, and they're trying to contact him. Timothy 'Dum-Dum' Dugan and Maria Hill are relieved when he answers.

Last issue he was fighting Mandarin in Prometheus Gentech HQ to stop him releasing an airborne version of the Extremis virus. SHIELD used a special nuclear device to destroy the place which collapsed it into a mini-black hole with no radioactive fallout. Iron Man barely managed to escape.

But the US government does not take kindly to the international organisation SHIELD dropping a nuke in 1 of its States. The military comes to take Stark and the other SHIELD bosses in for questioning.

Now we see Maya Hansen waking in the helicarrier as Tony explains to her that they're all going to be arrested for terrorism because of the nuclear incident. We saw Mandarin escaping with Maya last issue and Stark figures he must have dropped her off, unconscious, just out of range.

Maya was working on airborne Extremis for Prometheus, not knowing that its CEO Tem Borjigin was the Mandarin. Now Tony tells her that Mandarin is going to use it as a weapon. But Hansen protests that she built in programmed cell death so the virus couldn't spread beyond its user. (Extremis is fatal to 97.5% of the population, but for the other 2.5% it gives enhanced powers. Prometheus had discovered the gene that provided immunity.) Stark figures Mandarin's other scientists must have discovered how to remove her PCD, otherwise he would never have let her go.

Maya is shocked. Tony reassures her that she's not to blame. Nobody knew what Borjigin was up to, including Secretary of Defence Jack Kooning who authorised the Extremis project.

But now they need Maya's help. They need her to provide them with the genetic sequence for the airborne virus without the PCD so they can develop a countermeasure. But Maya is extremely reluctant to hand over that information, because it might fall into the wrong hands and create the very situation they're worried about. She won't do it unless she's sure that Mandarin already has the secret.

The helicarrier is grounded in New York harbour. Stark, Dugan and Hill are going to be called before a joint meeting of the UN and the Commission on Superhuman Activities.

Tony needs to know whether Mandarin has broken Maya's PCD, and SHIELD is tracking down Prometheus scientists to find out. He tells Maria to locate all Borjigin's interests worldwide. Tim Dugan is to work with the legal team on ways to influence the tribunal. He authorises Nick Fury-level dirty tricks.

The tribunal is hearing other testimony. It's headed by Val Cooper, but strangely the 3rd seat is empty. Henry Peter Gyrich and Norman Osborn are asking the questions. At the moment Doc Samson is on the stand. Samson has described the 'Extremis conspiracy' but Gyrich suggests that it's all based solely on Stark's theory. And Osborn adds that Samson himself had declared Stark psychologically unfit. Samson can't resist a dig at Osborn's own mental state. He also suggests that call Secretary of Defence Jack Kooning for corroboration. But Kooning has vanished, and suspiciously Samson and Stark were the last people to see him.

Meanwhile Tony shows Maya a video confession by a Prometheus scientist she knows saying they'd cracked her PCD, and Borjigin is mass producing the raw virus overseas. This convinces her to give Tony the details he needs.

Dugan visits the Chinese UN Delegate to persuade him to admit that Mandarin is producing Extremis in his country. He threatens to expose the man as a SHIELD mole. The delegate counters by saying that China has spent a lot of money on things like weather modification to ensure their upcoming Olympic Games are a success. Such a revelation about Mandarin would seriously harm the Games. And the punishment for that would be far worse than what he'd get for being a spy.

We find that Kooning is in Myanmar to meet an old comrade-in-arms Xang Kong who is now a drug smuggler. He wants help to kill Mandarin.

And as Maya hands over a disc to Tony with the aerosol Extremis gene sequence without its PCD, Mandarin drops his mental manipulation. He was Tony Stark, and they aren't in the SHIELD helicarrier they are in the An Hu Po psychiatric facility where Mandy was found in #15. He takes the data to I-Clime Labs in Hopeh Province where the scientist from the video will create the virus to be loaded into missiles.

Story #2

Haunted [Part 7]

Penciler: Carlo Pagulayan. Inker: Jeffrey Huet. Colorist: Dean White.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

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Carlo Pagulayan
Jeffrey Huet
Dean White
Gerald Parel (Cover Penciler)
Gerald Parel (Cover Inker)
Gerald Parel (Cover Colorist)


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