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Invincible Iron Man #505: Review

Jun 2011
Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca

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?Fear itself part 2: Cracked actor

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #505 Review by (December 28, 2012)
The father and son flashback takes place post-President Carter, presumably in the Reagan era. An example of the sliding scale of Marvel history. Iron Man is next in Fear Itself #4, where he uses the booze to call up Odin. Mokk will also be seen in FI#4, but his next meaningful appearance will be in #507 of this title.


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Invincible Iron Man #505 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
We start with a flashback to young Tony Stark talking to his father Howard, who justifies building weapons that kill people.

In the present Iron Man has just regained consciousness in Paris on a mound of broken 'statues' that were once people. Many of which have been shattered by his fight with Grey Gargoyle. And Grey Gargoyle/Mokk engages him in battle again. A battle our hero seems to be losing.

In Stark Resilient new security chief Bethany Cabe is trying to convince the staff to take better precautions, after recent attacks by Hammer Industries and Doc Ock's henchmen. Along the way she discovers that the others are being paid a salary. Not the stock options in the so-far worthless company that Pepper Potts got her to accept last issue. The 2 women look daggers at each other when Pepper appears in her Rescue armour.

Back in Paris Detroit Steel shows up to help Iron Man. Or rather to show him up. Until Mokk rips his armour open and turns Doug Johnson to stone. Iron Man retaliates by slicing through Mokk's head with a laser blade. And Mokk steps back on the stone Johnson, shattering him.

Mokk is heavily injured, but still able to smash his hammer into Tony Stark's chestplate, cracking the repulsor unit. Damaged and almost out of power, Iron Man manages to fly away.

Pepper is overwhelmed by the multiple news reports of worldwide disaster. She breaks down in tears. And doesn't notice Bethany filming her on her mobile. Then Beth comes into the office to comfort her.

Just then Tony arrives home, and they see his cracked repulsor unit. He flies off again to patch his armour up and report back to the Avengers. But he carries with him the bottle of booze Justine Hammer sent last issue.

Salvador Larroca
Salvador Larroca
Frank D'Armata
Salvador Larroca (Cover Penciler)
Salvador Larroca (Cover Inker)
Frank D'Armata (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Alejandro Arbona.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts

(Pepper Hogan)

Plus: Bethany Cabe, Carson Wyche, Detroit Steel, Mrs. Arbogast, Spymaster (Len Pimacher), Tim Cababa, Walter Macken.

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