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Invincible Iron Man #12: Review

Jul 2013
Kieron Gillen, Dale Eaglesham

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The secret origin of Tony Stark part three

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #12 Review by (July 7, 2013)
It doesn't explain where Howard Stark's gang got the fake UFO from. We also don't find out what place 451 needed Iron Man's help to invade last issue. It shouldn't be where the Godkiller is, because supposedly 451's been going there for a long time. 451's plan now seems to be to save Earth, whereas last issue and earlier he claimed to be saving the universe. Maybe everything will become clearer next issue (or not). Bit of repetition here:- This new 'armour' is called the Godkiller, and Tony Stark was called the Godkiller in the previous arc.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invincible Iron Man #12 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The last 2 issues have been mainly about the recording Tony Stark's father Howard left which explained how Recorder 451 had modified Tony in Maria Stark's womb to save his unborn life, but also to give him gifts that would make him the man he grew into. The man capable of building weapons to keep Earth safe from aliens. But some Grey Aliens knew at least something of what was going on, and 451 persuaded Howard that he had to kill them to protect his family. Howard made the recording just before going on that mission in case he didn't make it back.

Now 451 tells Tony what happened next. But we see it 1st-hand of course.

The Grey Aliens are gathered in their Las Vegas casino Area 52. They had originally captured 451 and were intending to make money from the knowledge he contained. They really only want him back, and don't know anything about baby Stark. (451 was manipulating Howard for his own ends.) Although the boss is starting to think the child must be important, and intends to pass the information to his offworld superiors.

In #10 Howard assembled a team to rescue 451 from the Greys. Now he calls on the same team to hit the aliens.

Nessa the Kitten alerts the Grey boss to Howard and 451 outside Area 52. The other female team member known as the Bear sets off some explosives high up in Area 52's tower, which starts an evacuation of the building. Meanwhile Nessa bribes the Mayor's office to ignore what's happening as a publicity stunt. Including Dum Dum Dugan, Jimmy Woo and Thunderbolt Ross shooting at the tower from a fake flying saucer.

Bear is holding the elevator for Stark and 451. But a grenade from a Grey kills her pet dogs. Then we discover why she's really called the Bear. She's some sort of were-bear, and cuts the attacking Greys to pieces. Then she calmly takes her 2 allies up in the elevator to the boss's office.

Howard shoots the Grey boss, and 451 deletes the message he was about to send to his superiors, along with all data about the Starks. 451 persuades Stark that it's safe to let the other Greys go in their real UFO - they know nothing. But he's secretly booby-trapped the saucer to kill them all when they're far enough away. (He knew he couldn't convince Stark to kill them.)

451 leaves for deep space, and Tony Stark is born.

In the present day 451 has kidnapped Iron Man by controlling his space armour's AI PEPPER. We now learn more about his ulterior motive for designing Tony. He's going to create an ultra-deterrent for the protection of Earth.

He tells his captive that he found a weapon left over from a very old war against the Celestials. He's been repairing it. The last piece he needed was the Heart of the Voldi, acquired in #8. Now all it needs is a pilot - Tony Stark.

Part of his enhancements before he was born caused Tony to be interested in powered suits of armour. Now he's going to get one that's 5 miles tall, called the Godkiller.

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Dale Eaglesham
Dale Eaglesham
Greg Land (Cover Penciler)
Greg Land (Cover Inker)
Guru-eFX (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Mark Paniccia.


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Thunderbolt Ross
Thunderbolt Ross

(Thaddeus Ross)

Plus: Howard Stark, Jimmy Woo, Maria Stark, Recorder 451.

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