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Invincible Iron Man #2: Review

Dec 2016
Brian Michael Bendis, Stefano Caselli

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #2 Review by (December 23, 2016)
The splash page tells us something more about what's (going to) happen(ed) to Tony Stark in Civil War #8. Previously we were told Stark was gone, and then an AI copy turned up. Now Riri claims that Tony is alive (maybe he's in a coma or just totally paralysed) and his *consciousness* has been downloaded into the AI.


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Invincible Iron Man #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The Tony Stark AI in young Riri Williams' grey armour is taking her for a training session in the sky over her home city Chicago. And it's running loads of alternate Iron Man armours as her opponents. It claims that she's lucky to have survived her fights so far. After the 1st few blows Riri decides to try to escape by flying away. But 1 of the armours knocks her into the water.

Then we flashback 2 years to younger Riri and her friend Natalie having a friendly disagreement about things such as The Little Mermaid. It's the day before the picnic where Natalie will die (last issue). She wants Riri to help hook her up with a boy named Stevey. Riri is building a rocket pack because she wants to fly.

Present-day Riri uses her boot jets and hand repulsors to stop from hitting the water. But another IM armour pushes her into the river. And the AI asks her if her armour is sealed against water. A few leaks suggests not very well.

Flashback to the hospital after the picnic incident. Mrs Williams is told that her husband hasn't survived the shooting. And we learn that he's her 2nd husband to die of a gunshot. Riri asks about Natalie but the doctor won't tell her because she's not family. But Riri dashes further into the hospital and finds her friend's dead body.

Back in the present Riri jets up out of the water and flies off again at supersonic speed, but with the Iron Men still in pursuit. AI Tony says running away won't help in a real fight, but she's pretty sure it's a good option. They catch up with her because her homemade armour isn't as good as his more professional versions. But she catches them by surprise by suddenly going into reverse.

A bit later in the past Mrs and Riri Williams are being interviewed by a detective concerning the drive-by shooting. They can't tell him much except a bit about the car. Riri's more interested in a super-battle on the news. She's not satisfied with the idea that it's just luck that left they 2 alive while hubby and Natalie died. She concentrates on Iron Man on the news, and resolves not to be a pawn of fate.

Now the aerial chase is still ongoing when Riri reveals her masterplan. She'd just been stalling for time while she concocted a virus with which she infects the Tony AI. And all the other armours fall out of the sky and into the river.

In Japan Tomoe (the villainess from #7-11 of last series) is alerted to the battle. She doesn't know whether the new Iron Man is the supposed-dead Tony Stark or someone else. But either way she wants him killed before he interferes with her plans.

Stefano Caselli
Stefano Caselli
Marte Gracia
Stefano Caselli (Cover Penciler)
Marte Gracia (Cover Colorist)


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