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Iron Patriot #2: Review

Apr 2014
Ales Kot, Garry Brown

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Unbreakable part 2

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3.5 stars

Iron Patriot #2 Review by (April 26, 2014)
At the end of this issue we have caught up to the scene at the beginning of #1, where the armoured villain was standing over the dying Jim Rhodes asking him if he was a patriot. The opening page of these 2 issues has 3 circles for character illos. In #1 3 of them were filled by James, Lila and Terrence Rhodes. Now a 4th contains the masked head of the armoured villain seen at the beginning of last issue and the end of this 1. But he's just identified as 'the villain'. The story this time is more linear than #1, and things have been linked together. It is almost certain that the armoured villain here is also behind the terrorist acts and the kidnap of Jim Rhodes' family. But what any of it has to do with Mr Fujikawa and Congressman Meyer from last issue is still unclear. The villain's armour is deliberately vague (not helped by the scratchy artwork). For all I can tell it could be a version of the alien Warwear from the 1st War Machine series. Or the Deathlok cyborg armour from the Agents of SHIELD TV series (the boss villain who is probably inside it *was* shown last issue with what looked like burns on his face and arms, like the Deathlok character).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Iron Patriot #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Iron Patriot was fighting some monsters in the sea off Louisiana. We learn now that at the same time there have been terrorist attacks across the US. The Washington Monument has been destroyed. And other attacks are in New Orleans, Dallas International Airport and the Los Angeles Superior Court.

James Rhodes' father Terrence is watching all these events on TV at home in Atlanta when 2 armed men burst into his house. He doesn't resist until 1 of them goes upstairs looking for his granddaughter Lila. Terrence overpowers the gunman who stayed with him, but the other guy comes back and knocks him out.

The upstairs guy had found Lila's bedroom empty, but the window wide open. She's hiding on the roof and watches as the 2 men cart her limp grandfather off in a van.

At the end of the 1st issue the Iron Patriot armour seized up in mid-battle, dropping into the ocean where Rhodey's starting to drown. The suit isn't responding to any commands, but Jim remembers there's a manual eject button. With a special extra function. He lines the suit up hopefully pointing to the surface. It ejects him into the water but also rockets forward. It shoots out of the water and decapitates the (last?) mud monster. But self-destructs in the process.

Rhodey is left to swim to the surface from a long way down, with very little air in his lungs. Of course he makes it, but collapses from decompression.

Meanwhile Lila has called the cops. But the 2 uniformed officers who respond aren't real cops. They're the bad guys come back to finish what they started.

When Jim wakes up he's in a helicopter with 2 men who pretend to be journalists covering his fight with the monsters. But actually they were sent to pick him up. They take him to New Orleans ravaged by explosions. And accidentally let slip that their boss doesn't want him dead.

When they land in a street Rhodey tries to escape, but collapses with a heart attack from the decompression. And an armoured form approaches, claiming to be acting for the good of the country.

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Garry Brown
Garry Brown
Jim Charalampidis
Garry Brown (Cover Penciler)
Garry Brown (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.
Editor: Mark Paniccia.


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Iron Patriot (James Rhodes), Lila Rhodes, Terrence Rhodes.

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