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Marvel Adventures #1: Review

Apr 1997
Ralph Macchio, Andy Kuhn

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A Titan in Torment!

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3 stars

Marvel Adventures #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Non-continuity stories done in a cartoonier style and aimed at a younger audience than the main Hulk title, the setting is the earliest days of the Hulk, around TIH volume 1:1-6. This, the original MARVEL ADVENTURES, rotated the central character: Hulk appears only in issues #1, 4, 7, 14 of the 18 issue run. Features the origin of the Abomination, with a flashback to the Hulk’s origin.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Adventures #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
As the Hulk pounds on the granite door sealing him inside a secret cave, his only friend, Rick Jones, recalls the accident that turned Bruce Banner into the green-skinned behemoth. Meanwhile, at the Hulkbuster Base, another “Hulk” bursts in and kidnaps Betty Ross, taking her to a secret installation in the desert where she meets…the Leader. This gamma-spawned super-genius reveals that the Hulk that captured her is merely a robot, and the villain’s purpose is to lead the real Jade Jaws into a trap, to be used to further the Leader’s plans for world domination. The second part of the plan concerns Emil Blonsky, who is transformed by a dose of gamma radiation into the monstrous Abomination, unaware that the radiation exposure will lead to his early death. Rick Jones arrives at the Base to reveal that the Hulk is Bruce Banner and to ask for General Ross’ help in finding a cure for his friend. Instead, Ross sends his most powerful forces to capture Banner. The sight of the Hulkbusters triggers Banner’s transformation into the Hulk and he wrecks his opponents easily. The Abomination suddenly arrives and persuades Hulk that he is his friend and can take him to Betty; Hulk agrees. At the secret lab, Hulk meets the Leader and is shown the captured Betty, then the villain turns a paralysis ray on Jade Jaws and he is a prisoner. When the Leader gives the Abomination permission to kill Betty, who has served her purpose, Hulk’s rage enables him to break through the ray and attack the Abomination. The two gamma-spawned giants clash until the radiation effects cause the Abomination to fall ill. Realizing what has happened, he vows revenge against the Leader, and sets off in search of him; instead, in a remote part of the lab, he meets up with a strange (and unseen) character who teleports him away. Hulk frees Betty and delivers her to her father. Betty intercedes for Hulk and Ross calls off his forces until he can decide what to do next. Hulk, feeling betrayed by everyone, including Rick Jones, returns to his cave, where once more he becomes Bruce Banner.

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Andy Kuhn
Robert Stull
Kevin Tinsley


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)

(Bruce Banner)

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