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Marvel Adventures #14: Review

May 1998
Ralph Macchio, Andy Kuhn

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Of Monsters and Magicians

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3 stars

Marvel Adventures #14 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Non-continuity stories done in a cartoonier style and aimed at a younger audience than the main Hulk title, the setting is the earliest days of the Hulk, around WITH volume 1:1-6. This, the original MARVEL ADVENTURES, rotated the central character: Hulk appears only in issues #1, 4, 7, 14 of the 18 issue run. Origins of Dr. Strange and Juggernaut are told in flashbacks.


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Marvel Adventures #14 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, receives a visitor at his Greenwich Village domicile: Bruce Banner. Banner explains his problem and appeals to the magician for help in controlling the Hulk within. Strange agrees to this. Elsewhere, the immensely powerful villain Juggernaut is wasting away, consumed by the energy within him. His pal Black Tom Cassidy tells him of rumors that the Ruby of Cytorrak, which granted Juggernaut his powers, is now in the home of Dr. Strange, and the two set out to steal it. Under Strange’s tutelage, Bruce learns to control his anger through mediation, so that he no longer becomes the Hulk, even when confronted by muggers. The two villains break into Strange’s home, take his servant Wong hostage and demand the gem to replenish Juggernaut’s power. As Juggy seizes the gem, a hole opens into another dimension and Bruce, trying to stop the baddie, accidentally launches himself and his foe through the opening. On the other side, Juggernaut is restored to his full strength and attacked by Strange, who has followed in his ectoplasmic form, but none of the magician’s spells can stop the rampaging menace. Bruce forces himself to turn into the Hulk and gives battle to the villain. Strange manipulates the fight so that Juggy is thrown near an idol of Cytorrak. Juggernaut seizes the enormous gem on the altar and increases in strength, so much that the power overwhelms him and he fades away. Hulk turns back into Bruce and Cytorrak, grateful for an earlier service by Strange, grants them permission to return to their own realm. Back on Earth, they find Wong has overpowered Black Tom and Bruce, appreciative of Strange’s help, takes his leave

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Andy Kuhn
Harry Candelario
Kevin Tinsley


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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