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Marvel Fanfare #1: Review

Sep 1996
Jaime Campos, Robert E. Brown

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Fateful Choices

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2 stars

Marvel Fanfare #1 Review by (May 10, 2010)
Comments: One of Marvel’s series of 99 cent comics. The first attempt at Operation: Purge took place in CAPTAIN AMERICA #286- 288. The Red Skull’s death referred to by Cap was the one in issue CAP #448. Review: A bit of a shaggy dog tale with its alternate timestreams (always a fertile source of confusion), the pointless subplot about improvements made to Deathlok and its inconclusive ending. Why is the Brand Corp. using that dangerous technology and who is the mystery leader in this timestream? The writer and the heroes never ask.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Fanfare #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Deathlok the Demolisher arrives in New York from his own timestream; his mission: to prevent a second attempt at Operation: Purge in our timeline. His arrival is detected by SHIELD whose director, Dum Dum Dugan dispatches a team to investigate. They manage to capture the cyborg and return him to SHIELD labs where, over a period of months, they submerge his mind and add some improvements to convert him to the agency’s use.

On this fateful day, as Sam Wilson/the Falcon is resigning from SHIELD service to return to New York, Deathlok escapes, blowing a hole in the wall, clobbering the agents and taking down the Falcon. Meanwhile at Avengers’ Mansion, Captain America receives a visit from Justice Peace, agent of the Time Variant Authority, who warns him of Deathlok’s presence and the threat he poses to this timestream. Peace asks Cap to prevent the cyborg from changing events in this world, or else Peace will be forced to kill Deathlok. SHIELD traces Deathlok to the Brand Corporation and Captain America arrives to team up with his old partner the Falcon to find him, insisting that the cyborg’s intentions are good. At the Brand Building, Deathlok is on a mission of destruction, when the two heroes arrive to stop him. Deathlok creates a disaster, forcing them to rescue staff members and let their quarry go. The heroes catch up with the deadly cyborg and Cap confronts him but they continue to fight. Justice Peace arrives before them and halts the hostilities. Deathlok explains that the evil mastermind—the Red Skull—whose efforts banished the heroes of Deathlok’s world into another dimension, is about to do the same in this timeline. Cap explains that the Red Skull is dead in this world, and it was Deathlol’s previous warning which enabled the heroes of this world to avert that fate. Peace, who has been ordered to kill Deathlok, decides instead that he is still needed to battle the Red Skull in his own world and takes him back there. Cap and the Falcon renew their commitment to keeping the world safe.

Robert E. Brown
Justin Bloomer
Joe Andreani
Robert E. Brown (Cover Penciler)
Mike Witherby (Cover Inker)
Chris Dickey (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Michael Higgins.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

Plus: Brand Corporation, Justice Peace.

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