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Marvel Fanfare #2: Review

Oct 1996
Joe Kelly, Pop Mhan

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3 stars


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Marvel Fanfare #2 Synopsis by Jason Wilson
Similar to the story in The Incredible Hulk #181, but with some differences. Heck, you could probably think of it as Round 2 for these three. Wolverine (without Adamantium) takes a trip to Canada to get away from the X-Men for a while, and get back to his roots. Suddenly, he hears a howl in the distance, and goes to investigate. What he finds is a group of cryptozoologists looking for Bigfoot (or at least that’s what they want everyone to believe). In the group is Heather Hudson, an acquaintance of Wolverine from his past. Wolverine surveys the area and finds a few strands of hair that he determines is Wendigo. He runs off to find Wendigo, with one of the mysterious researchers in tow. As he gets to the cave of the Wendigo, he tells the researcher about the first battle between Wolvie, Wendie, and the Hulk. As he finishes, a very calm and relaxed Hulk appears on the scene. Suddenly, Hulk gets attacked by Wendigo, and they take the battle towards a small town south of their location. Wolvie follows and a very comical battle ensues. The winner… Hulk, if you ask me, for his ability to keep his cool in this issue, even if he resorts to a little bit of violence.

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Hideth #1 comic

Pop Mhan
Mike Witherby
Brian Buccellato
Pop Mhan (Cover Penciler)


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