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Marvel Two-In-One #46: Review

Dec 1978
Alan Kupperberg, Alan Kupperberg

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Battle in Burbank!

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3 stars

Marvel Two-In-One #46 Review by (April 9, 2010)
Story features a rare cameo by Willie Lumpkin. The TV Hulk is drawn to look like the comics Hulk and not like Lou Ferrigno. At one point Hulk crashes onto the set of MASH, with Alan (Hawkeye) Alda and Gary (Radar) Burghoff appearing; at the end Carroll (Archie Bunker) O’Connor appears on a storyboard. Guest stars listed in the Hulk episode credits alongside series star Bill Bixby are Sonny Bono, Jerry Van Dyke, Charo, Howdy Doody, and Marvel editor Roger Stern. Other contemporary TV shows and personalities mentioned are Fonzie, Laverne and Shirley, SESAME STREET, THE FLINTSTONES and Cheryl Tiegs. Spider-Man can be spotted on the cover of TV GUIDE. The biggest question: is Uncle Waddles really Howard the Duck?


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Two-In-One #46 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The Thing is watching THE INCREDIBLE HULK TV series at the Baxter Building and he’s pretty disgusted. It’s bad enough that the Hulk gets a series when he doesn't but the discovery that Jade Jaws gets the girl in the end is enough to make him put his foot through the television set! The noise brings the other members of the Fantastic Four running. After listening to his ranting they suggest he take his complaint to the show’s producer—so he leaves for Hollywood. Meanwhile in Tinseltown, a trio of crooks plots to kidnap Karen Page, just announced as the Hulk’s million-dollar co-star. Mean-meanwhile, Bruce Banner, seeking shelter in a small Nevada town, comes upon a TV shop where he learns that there is a TV series based on his monstrous alter ego. The offense to his decency causes him to turn into the Hulk and head for Hollywood himself. 

At the Miracle Pictures studios the next day, Ben gets directions to the producer's office from a sour little duck, who introduces himself as kiddie show star Uncle Waddles and offers Ben a job as a clown on his program. Ben meets with producer Joseph L. Jusko as Karen arrives to sign her contract. Outside, the Hulk arrives in a total rage and tears his way through the back lot looking for those responsible for the insulting Hulk show. As the three kidnappers nab Karen in the outer office, the Hulk smashes into the inner office and decides the Thing is his nemesis. The two man-monsters belt each other through the studio with Jusko and the kidnappers barely able to keep out of their way. On the set of an ancient Greek epic, Hulk brings down the massive temple set on everyone’s heads, with only the Thing’s strength and reflexes allowing him to use the building’s roof as a shield. Guards arrive to take away the crooks, Hulk leaves with a threat to return if the show does not improve, and Karen decides to take a role on a soap opera instead. This leaves only Ben, and Jusko sends him off with a promise that they will come up with a great idea for a show he can star in… A week later, Ben gets the storyboards in the mail: it’s a proposal for a sit-com called “Thing in the Family” with Ben wearing Rob Reiner’s wig and mustache. He shreds the script and wonders if Uncle Waddles’ offer is still open.

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Alan Kupperberg
Chic Stone
Alan Kupperberg
Keith Pollard (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

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