Marvels Snapshots: X-Men #1: Review

Sep 2020
Jay Edidin, Tom Reilly

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And the Rest Will Follow

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5 stars

Marvels Snapshots: X-Men #1 Review by (December 28, 2021)

Review: And here is something new in the series: the effect of superheroes on another superhero. We see here how orphaned Scott Summers was inspired by the Fantastic Four and other heroes to aspire to become one himself, even though he was unaware that he would be anything other than an ordinary kid. And what he learned was to use his powers to help and to be prepared. And some other stuff about wisdom and confidence and other lessons for living. Excellent issue. Nice shout-out to Sun Tzu too.

Comments: Everywhere else the title is given as X-MEN: MARVELS SNAPSHOTS; we’re a bunch of rebels. Cameos from the last two pages: Cable, Havok, Psylocke, Gambit. First appearance of Doctor Mantis (Dr. Linda Mantidae), who resembles Edna Mode of THE INCREDIBLES.


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Marvels Snapshots: X-Men #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Scott Summers grows up in an orphanage after his parents were killed in a plane accident and his memories of a brother named Alex have everyone thinking he’s crazy. He is disdained by smaller kids and bullied by bigger and he has headaches that are increasingly debilitating. Then one night, he and the other kids marvel to the appearance of the Fantastic Four on television and his world is changed. He identifies with their trauma (same as his own family, a disaster involving four people in flight) and admires how they decided to help people with their new powers. He obsesses over them as though he can unlock the meaning of his own life through them. Other heroes arise and soon the world is full of Marvels. Around this time, Scott consults a specialist and is given red-tinted glasses to deal with his headaches. Then Scott learns that Reed Richards is speaking at a conference nearby and he cuts school to go hear him. At the conference, Peter Corbeau and Tony Stark speak first then Richards takes the podium…and then mad scientist Doctor Mantis attacks, riding a giant praying mantis. As Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man swing into battle the floor collapses trapping Scott and several others in a basement. It is Scott who figures out a way to signal outside the rubble, leading to rescue. Scott ponders the incident and decides that his own way of helping people can be to be prepared to help, knowing what to do before trouble happens….

Scott soon begins studying up on how everything works so as to be prepared. A librarian recommends The Art of War by Sun Tzu, the classic on tactics. Soon after he is picked on by bullies and his headache grows stronger and laser beams shoot from his eyes, putting a hole though the school walls. He panics and runs away, feeling like a freak or monster, hitching a ride to the city, where he comes upon the scene of a construction accident, workers trapped in rubble while an air conditioning unit hangs over them…and then the cable snaps. Scott takes off his glasses and….

Years later, Scott, now Cyclops of the X-Men, plots out a dangerous mission for the team; Reed Richards warns him that they may not all survive. Scott quotes his own words back to him that he has to rely on his instincts and trust the rest will follow. And Scott has learned that it’s okay not to have the answers but to keep trying….

Tom Reilly
Tom Reilly
Chris O'Halloran
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Tom Orzechowski.


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