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Mighty Avengers, The #10: Review

Mar 2008
Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley

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Time is on no one's side

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4 stars

Mighty Avengers, The #10 Review by (May 11, 2015)
The pages set in the past are, like the last 2 pages of last issue, rendered with the more simple colouring of that time. (Though not, to my eyes, as obviously composed of dots as those 2 pages were.) Similarly these pages have 1-line adverts for other titles running along the bottom. (Though the editors can't make their minds up whether to refer to issues dated January or April 1975, which allows them to mention 2 different issues of Giant-Size Defenders.) And relevant pages have "Continued after next page" to skip past advertisements. (Though there are noticeably more of those than there were in days of old.) And as a last touch the credited creators have Bullpen-style nicknames. (Though there are more credits than there used to be.) The Marvel Chronology Project has placed flashbacks to the era of the younger Sentry spanning from the 60's to the 90's (in publication dates), so linking it to 70's comics isn't a problem. The only clue as to when it's supposed to be in rolling Marvel time is that it's before Mayor Giuliani's clean-up of Times Square in the 90's. The old OI's to Avengers and Fantastic Four say that Doom's time machine was in the Baxter Building in FF#23, but was soon returned to Doom's American castle in time for the Avengers to find it in Av#56. But Reed Richards built a duplicate before letting it go. So, unless the period is *that* far back, Doom misspeaks when he says that the only time machine available is the 1 Richards stole in the BB. Young Sentry didn't know that Void is another aspect of himself. Sentry thinks Thor is dead in the present. But he came back 8 months previously in Thor #1, recreated Asgard in Oklahoma in #2, and crossed paths with Iron Man in #3. And the Official Index definitely puts that last issue before this series begins. So Bob Reynolds should certainly have heard about this by now.

Iron Man queries whether the Doom in IM#150 was really him? This refers to his penchant for using robot duplicates. Or at least claiming that any embarrassing incidents involved 1 of them.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Mighty Avengers, The #10 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Sentry was helping Iron Man fight Dr Doom in his Latverian castle. They fell into Doom's malfunctioning time platform. Now Bob Reynolds doesn't know where he is. (And he didn't know it was a time machine they fell onto.)

It soon becomes obvious he's in New York. But his 1st inkling that something's wrong with time is when he sees Thor flying around - who's dead in the present. Then he sees his Watchtower, but without Avengers Tower underneath it. He begins to worry about his fragile sanity. Made even worse when he sees himself flying around in an older costume.

Early Sentry catches his nemesis the Void robbing a bank with a gang, apparently working for Kingpin. As he foils the heist he is unaware of his watching future self's mind crumbling.

Dr Doom and Iron Man found each other in this era at the end of last issue. Victor Von Doom blames Tony Stark for their predicament, because the Mighty Avengers' assault on his castle damaged his time machine. The Golden Avenger holds off the armoured villain's attack while he persuades Doom that they must avoid doing anything to change the timestream.

Stark also accuses his foe of being 1 of the Skrull invaders he's been alerted too. He can't scan Victor's body within his armour. But Von Doom claims (rightly) not to know what he's talking about.

Victor reminds Tony how they got stranded in time together once before, in Arthurian times (in IM#150). Then they combined components from their armours to forge a way back. But unfortunately both have radically changed their suits since then. And neither wants to reveal his secrets.

Their 'discussion' is interrupted when present-day Sentry slams into Doom, blaming him for the way the world has changed, and demanding that he put it back straight. Victor responds with a black magic attack. Iron Man interposes himself, saying he's saving Doom from destruction by the uber-powerful Sentry.

Tony explains to Bob where they are, and that they must be careful. Sentry recovers somewhat.

They must get hold of a time machine quickly. Doom says that Reed Richards has a time machine in the Baxter Building (which he 'stole' from Doom in his 1st appearance in Fantastic Four #5).

The FF won't let Dr Doom in the BB, and if Iron Man goes Mr Fantastic will work out he's from the future. But Sentry can go, because they are in the period of his early adventures. And everything about him will later be erased from mankind's memory by Mastermind. (They have to explain this to a bewhildered Doom.)

Only Thing is at home when Sentry calls. Ben Grimm wonders a bit about Bob's long hair and lack of mask. But he can't let him into Reed's lab - only Reed has the key. But Sentry crushes the clunky mobile phone before Ben can call him. After a brief fight Sentry punches Thing a long way out of the building. After following to make sure Ben doesn't hurt anyone by landing on them, Bob streaks back to the BB.

The time-lost 3 break into the lab and find the time platform. The armoured duo work out the time-space coordinates they want to return to, and Doom programs them in. Then the 3 use the time machine ....

... and IM and Sentry pop out of the platform in the ruined room in Doom's castle. But without Doom.

As they reconnoitre the scene of last issue's battle, Iron Man starts to re-establish electronic contact with the modern world. He sees something rapidly approaching, and sends Sentry to head it off. But it turns out to be Ms Marvel desperately warning them to run. At the same time Shellhead detects an unidentifiable energy. And Doom's castle explodes.

Mark Bagley
Allen Martinez
Justin Ponsor
Mark Bagley (Cover Penciler)
Danny Miki (Cover Inker)


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