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New Avengers #30: Review

May 2007
Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu

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Revolution Part 4

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4 stars

New Avengers #30 Review by (February 24, 2015)
Are the Skrulls behind *all* the things Cage mentions? I don't know of any *evidence* that they caused Nick Fury's Secret War and his fall from SHIELD. But Mighty Avengers #12 will make it clear that they took advantage of the shake-up to heavily infiltrate SHIELD. (Sometimes it seems like Maria Hill was the only SHIELD agent who *wasn't* a Skrull.) #42 will confirm that Skrulls were behind the Raft breakout, and #41 will show that they were the rogue SHIELD agents in the Savage Land. Luke doesn't mention House of M and the Skrulls definitely weren't behind that (but #45 will reveal that they were, and remained, aware that reality was changed). I don't think they had much to do with Hydra acting 'strange'. There were Skrull Hydra agents but Madame Hydra wasn't 1 of them. The Skrull Yellowjacket stirred the Civil War, but of course neither Iron Man or Captain America was a Skrull. Hawkeye has made 1 appearance between finding Wanda in #26 and here. In Fallen Son #3 (Captain America) he confronted Iron Man, who offered him the job of replacement Cap. Clint tried it but quickly decided it was wrong, and threw the offer back in Iron Man's face. Hawkeye reminds Spider-Woman that *she* was dead once too. She died in the last issue of her 1st series, and was resurrected in Avengers #241. Wolverine (2003) #58 will reveal that Logan has died many times too, but Barton wouldn't know that. Iron Fist supposedly died in Power Man and Iron Fist #125, but this character was later retconned as a fake (but not a Skrull). Clint asks if this team is the New (or just new) Defenders, because Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum has been used as their base many times. And Hawkeye was a member once.

The Japanese adventure continues in #31-32, but the flashback story ends here. So I won't be synopsising them because they don't contain any relevant characters for these Libraries. In #31 the other NAv apart from Dr Strange aren't as badly off as they appear to be here. They continue to fight Maya, Elektra and the Hand ninjas. Strange mentally contacts Wong and gets him to read a spell which sends most of the ninjas to sleep. Then DS's astral self cures Maya of the Hand brainwashing. Maya stabs Elektra who turns out to be a Skrull. Exit the equally-surprised ninjas. (Strange recovers too.) Elektra is the 1st Skrull infiltrator we see unmasked. But Mighty Avengers #12 will tell us that Nick Fury had already uncovered another 1. In #32 the team fly the body of 'Elektra' home in Danny Rand's jet. They suspect there are more Skrulls around, wondering if any of *them* are aliens (despite Dr Strange's spell that supposedly verified them all this issue). Luke Cage believes he's found the players behind his conspiracy theory. Spider-Woman suggests taking the Skrull body to Iron Man. But many of the team think that Tony Stark is a prime candidate for being a Skrull. Jessica says this will flush him out if it's true. The plane is hit by an electromagnetic pulse from MAv#4 and it crashes. Wolverine throws Spider-Woman out before it lands, and she takes the Skrull body away. She'll deliver it to Tony Stark at the end of MAv#6. #32 is actually Part 1 of the next story The Trust, but it fits more as an epilogue to this Japanese tale.

#42 will reveal that Skrull Queen Veranke's masterplan is to foment dissension amongst the superhero ranks, and her role as Spider-Woman gives her a good platform to work from. Currently the idea is to sow suspicion. and in fact MAv#16 will tell us that Pagon the Elektra Skrull was specifically planted to be uncovered. Having put the New Avengers at each others throats, Veranke now takes the Skrull body to Tony Stark to infect the other side with doubts.


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New Avengers #30 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue is again split between flashback and current events, but this time it is written as fb followed by current, as I will describe it.

The Mighty Avengers with SHIELD backup are waiting outside Dr Strange's seemingly deserted house. Iron Man is convinced that the house's abandoned state is only an illusion, and the New Avengers are living in there. He's hired Brother Voodoo to break Strange's spell of concealment, but DS is fighting back. And BV admits defeat - either there's no-one home or Stephen Strange is the master sorcerer everyone says he is.

Tony Stark sends the troops home, but he stays behind. He speaks aloud saying he knows the Avengers are in there. The Civil War's over and they lost. He begs them to Register and return to being heroes. He asks them what they think they can achieve as fugitives. Then he jets off.

Spider-Man thinks he may have a point. And Luke Cage's standard reply that the people need heroes free of government control isn't good enough anymore. So Cage adds in a conspiracy theory. He reminds them of the massive prison break at the Raft orchestrated by persons unknown (#1-3). And a rogue SHIELD operation in the Savage Land (#4-6) plus possibly more wrong in SHIELD. Then Hydra acting strange(?) in #11-13. And then the Civil War. He also throws in the Secret War and Nick Fury going underground. He thinks there's something big behind all this, and he wants the team to investigate. But Peter Parker and Iron Fist think things may just be messed up because that's the way things go.

Wolverine breaks the logjam by saying they need to save Maya Lopez 1st (who sent them a plea for help last issue). She's in trouble in Japan because they left her there (#13).

Wong alerts his master to someone else outside. They recognise him as Clint Barton (Hawkeye). Everybody else thinks he's dead, but Strange tells them how Clint came to him (#26) after House of M seeking Scarlet Witch. DS lets him through the illusion, and Barton is surprised to find the boarded-up house suddenly full of people.

Wolverine (angry that the Witch depowered most mutants after HoM) asks Hawkeye if he found her. Clint is evasive, but convincing that looking for her isn't worth the effort. He's also evasive about his return from the dead, except for mentioning HoM.

Luke Cage is extremely suspicious and doesn't believe Clint's protestations that he hates what Tony Stark did. In order to satisfy him Dr Strange casts a spell which will reveal if anyone in the room is deceiving them by causing such a person to have a seizure. He then declares them all on the up and up. But no-one notices Spider-Woman having a bad reaction. (We don't yet know that she's really a Skrull replacement. But we do know that her allegiances are complicated and suspect.)

They tell Barton about their planned trip to Japan to rescue Maya Lopez. Clint opts in, and adopts her Ronin costume. So that's who it's been in the last 3 issues.

This of course leads straight to the team's dramatic arrival in Japan at the end of #27 and through the last 2 issues.

We return to the present in Tokyo with a rerun of Cage's claim last issue that the New Avengers are criminals like Elektra's Hand. All they want is to take Maya home.

Elektra's response is to signal 1 of her ninjas to throw a sword to Maya. Who uses it to stab Dr Strange. The fight recommences and Wolverine gets stabbed multiple times. And even Luke is weighed down by numbers.

Leinil Francis Yu
Leinil Francis Yu
Dave McCaig
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Penciler)
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Inker)
Dave McCaig (Cover Colorist)


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