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New Avengers #63: Review

May 2010
Brian Michael Bendis, Mike McKone

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4 stars

New Avengers #63 Review by (May 1, 2012)
Comments: Issue covers the events of SIEGE #3 and 4 from the points of view of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Ronin (Clint Barton), and Mockingbird.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

New Avengers #63 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from New Avengers #63

In the midst of the massive battle over Asgard between the Avengers and their allies on one side and Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers on the other, Luke Cage is suddenly blasted over a rooftop; spotting a small child he has a flashback to the day before….

As they cuddled with their baby, Luke and his wife Jessica Jones were overcome with the happiness they felt as a family despite having to hide from Osborn’s forces. Luke assured her it would all be over soon, now that Steve Rogers is back to lead them into battle. Jessica was not so optimistic; she feared that the confrontation is too risky, and did not want to jeopardize their safety over these odds—and she didn’t want Luke to join the battle either, for their daughter’s sake. They came to an understanding and kissed…

…and Luke comes to staring into the face of Venom. Suddenly the Hood arrives with his gang of criminals to reinforce Osborn’s forces. Ronin (Clint Barton) sees his wife Mockingbird threatened by some baddies but she and several other heroes assist each other in the melee. Clint recalls the previous day…

…Bobbi was awakened in the wee small hours by a bad dream. She decided to don her Mockingbird costume and head out into the streets; he followed as Ronin. They came across a new villain calling herself Lady Octopus (complete with the familiar metal tentacles) and Mockingbird took her on. Ronin assaulted the bad girl from behind, irritating his wife. She confessed that in her dream they both died and he assured her that the heroes would win out and after that they can go away for a fresh start somewhere else….

Suddenly, the Sentry comes crashing through Asgard, destroying the great city and sending it plummeting to the ground. As Thor mourns his home, Clint sees Bobbi’s hand protruding from under a huge stone….

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Mike McKone
Mike McKone
Dave McCaig
Stuart Immonen (Cover Penciler)
Wade Von Grawbadger (Cover Inker)
Dave McCaig (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

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Captain America
Captain America

(James "Bucky" Barnes)
Luke Cage
Luke Cage

(Power Man)
Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

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(Clint Barton)

(Peter Parker)

(Jessica Drew)


(Mac Gargan)

Plus: Lady Octopus, Norman Osborn, Razor-Fist.

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