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New Avengers #23: Review

Aug 2014
Jonathan Hickman, Kev Walker

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All the angels have fallen

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4 stars

New Avengers #23 Review by (August 24, 2014)
Valeria Richards has been staying with 'Uncle' Victor Doom during the current run of Fantastic Four, because of the connection she's had with him since her birth (and before!). Franklin and the Future Foundation kids are also not with the FF now. I believe it's all to do with the FF not being suitable parents/guardians. Strangely Mr Fantastic doesn't wonder where *Dr Strange* is? They immediately jump to the (correct) conclusion about Sub-Mariner. Thanos, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive must have completed the revival they began in #15, helped on by Maximus in #19. And Maximus must then have freed everyone from their cells in the Wakandan Necropolis. (Also remember that this Terrax is from a destroyed alternate Earth.)

Beast brought the original X-Men through time in All-New X-Men #1. This was published in November 2012, 2 months before the Illuminati faced the 1st incursion in New Avengers #1, and before Beast found out about it in NAv#3. In fact in NAv#3 I believe he had the new form he gained in ANXM#5. So the original Hank McCoy's charge that he brought them to this present knowing that the world was likely to be destroyed is actually false - though that probably wouldn't stop modern Beast feeling guilty. Does Wong only think Dr Strange is bad since he read the Blu'dakorr? Or has DS told him the truth about the incursions and destroying other Earths? Incidentally I note that DS has brought the Black Priest mask home from last issue. Black Panther and Storm were married in Black Panther (2005) #18 during Civil War. Despite gradually getting dragged back into X-stuff, Ororo stayed with her husband through the end of that series, into the next 1 where T'Challa passed the Panthership to his sister, and on into war against Latveria in the Doomwar limited series. They go their separate ways while T'Challa is being the Man Without Fear, but are still committed to each other. But then in Avengers vs X-Men Sub-Mariner attacked Wakanda as part of Cyclops' X-team. Wakanda declared all X-Men enemies, and in AvX#9 T'Challa told Ororo their marriage was dissolved.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

New Avengers #23 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In #21 Sub-Mariner stepped up when the rest of the Illuminati wimped out - he destroyed the incursion-Earth of the Great Society, thus saving his own Earth and both universes. Last issue he was nonplussed when his teammates got angry and kicked him off the team. Then another 8-hour incursion began.

Now the remaining Illuminati know they can't bring themselves to destroy another Earth. So in 8 hours their universe and the other 1 will die. They split up to deal with their fate, each in his own way.

Bruce Banner returns to the ruins of Gamma Base to toast the upcoming final death of the Hulk.

Beast chooses to tell the Hank McCoy from the past what's happening, and ask him whether he should warn the other X-Men or just let them die in peace. Hank is more concerned with why Beast chose to bring the original X-Men forward in time when he knew about the incursions and the impending end of the universe.

Dr Strange
drinks tea and asks Wong if he's a good man. His manservant tells him he isn't.

Tony Stark pours himself a whisky-bottle-full of drinks, and determines to resist them to the end (I think).

Black Panther goes to see his ex-wife Storm, the best thing in his life. They regret that their responsibilities broke up their marriage.

Mr Fantastic goes to see his scattered family. He's already visited Franklin and the Future Foundation kids. Now he's brought Sue to Latveria where Valeria is staying with Dr Doom. Doom's adopted son Kristoff welcomes them, but Victor himself is surly. He and Sue agree that Reed's actions are worrying. Reed hasn't told anybody what's going on. but Val takes 1 look at the incursion countdown clock in his palm and asks "What have you done?".

Black Bolt weeps with Lockjaw in the Blue Area of the Moon.

Then nothing happens.

The Illuminati (except Dr Strange) congregate (in person or holographically) in the Baxter Building. Despite the destruction of other universes they've witnessed via Mr Fantastic's Bridge, their universe seems to have survived. They face the horrifying prospect that they may have killed a populated world for nothing.

But then Black Bolt signs a question concerning their missing member, which Reed interprets as wondering what Namor is doing.

We see Namor hosting a gathering of Maximus, Black Swan, Terrax, Thanos, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive (apparently now collectively called the Cabal). And we see that they destroyed the incursion world.

Kev Walker
Kev Walker
Frank Martin
Christian Ward (Cover Penciler)
Christian Ward (Cover Inker)
Christian Ward (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Wil Moss.


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Plus: Kristoff Vernard, Lockjaw.

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