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Nomad #2: Review

Dec 1990
Fabian Nicieza, James Fry

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The Wild Horses

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3 stars

Nomad #2 Review by (February 2, 2011)
Review: See full review at issue #1.

Comments: First appearance of Andrea Sterman.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Nomad #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

At Boothe Stables in Lexington, Kentucky, a fire causes the horses to stampede and new employee Jack Monroe manages to save the life of an attractive blonde who is in the animals’ path. Monroe is Nomad, working undercover to learn the truth about a drugs-for-weapons exchange in Miami, and he learns about the stable’s recent problems with fires. After she goes, the other stablehands inform him she is Jennifer Boothe, the boss’s daughter—and a cocaine addict….

In a restricted room at the Library of Congress, psychiatrist Andrea Sterman is working up a psychological profile of Jack "Nomad" Monroe on orders from the National Security Council’s Super-Powers Commission. She learns of his stint as Bucky to the 1950s Captain America, his growing mental illness from the makeshift Super-Soldier treatment, his rehabilitation and service as sidekick to the real Cap and his solo career as a vigilante in Miami….

Jack checks out the company insuring Boothe Stables’ recent losses, the Kanjos Insurance Corporation and uncovers evidence of insurance fraud and graft. On his way back from the city, he discovers he is being followed by two men in a car. He uses his truck-mounted machine gun to bring his pursuers to a halt (damaging only their car) and learns they are taking orders from Jennifer Boothe. Back at the estate, Jack, as Nomad, confronts Jennifer, who is high on drugs, and learns she is the one behind the cocaine smuggling. She offers to tell him all he wants to know—if he kills her father….

Later, Nomad returns to the Kanjos building and sorts through the file, discovering that Orinn Boothe owns Cyberoptics. The tech company has developed something that Miami druglord Umberto Safilios wanted so Boothe sent the cocaine to Safilios, who used it in a trade for weapons and now, Nomad finds the drugs are being shipped out in the corpses of horses killed in the stable fires. He stops the struck from leaving by taking out thugs with his throwing discs and learns the truck was heading for Minneapolis. He enters the mansion to find father and daughter in a Mexican standoff: Orinn is engaged in insurance fraud and Jennifer heads the drug smuggling operation, blackmailing her father into cooperating with the knowledge of a cybernetic weapons program developed by Cyberoptics. As Nomad aims his guns at both of them, they shoot each other; Nomad walks out. Next stop: Minneapolis….

Epilogue: Andrea Sterman presents her findings to the Super-Powers Commission. When she is unable to state definitely whether Nomad is sane, they order him brought in, dead or alive….

James Fry
Mark McKenna
Rick Parker
James Fry (Cover Penciler)
Mark McKenna (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Andrea Sterman, General Haywerth, Nomad (Jack Monroe), Valerie Cooper.

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