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Nomad #1: Review

Nov 1990
Fabian Nicieza, James Fry

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The Big Fall Apart

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3 stars

Nomad #1 Review by (February 2, 2011)
Review: Well-written, with an interesting intro for each issue though the plot is overly complicated and not entirely clear even in the end. Nomad is portrayed as a typical 90s gun-toting vigilante, but after he gets to kill all his enemies, he sees the error of his ways (or so he claims) and promises to reform.

Comments: Story continues from CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #9, though the murder of Patty Joplin seems to have been forgotten. The Super-Powers Commission is more commonly known as the Commission on Superhuman Activities.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Nomad #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Story continues from CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL #9.

In Miami, a young woman, Elia Arriguez, is being pursued though the streets by a pair of gunmen, who corner her in an alley and shoot her in the back. Nomad suddenly appears and takes out the hitmen with a great deal of violence. As he rushes the victim to a hospital, he hears her name the man responsible: Umberto Safilios, the drug dealer he has been pursuing. As the medical staff races to save her life, Nomad meets with Elia’s father, Hector Arriguez, who tells the hero that Safilios is his wife’s brother, and he had been pressuring Elia to steal technical information from her employer, Cyberoptics. Nomad heads to the corporate headquarters to investigate and finds Safilios’ address in her Rolodex and a meeting with DEA Agent Joseph Kittle on her calendar. As he leaves the premises he is halted by Captain America who learns about his mission but disapproves of Jack’s use of deadly weapons, warning him about crossing the line….

Nomad heads to the waterfront to keep Elia’s appointment with Kittle. In a warehouse, he finds crates of military weapons and Stinger missiles; Hector Arriguez and Joe Kittle are there to make arrangement to deliver the keys to the building to their contact. Nomad trails them to a nightclub where they meet with Safilios and arrange to trade the weapons for drugs. It’s a double-cross, however, Arriguez is wearing a wire to get the goods on Safilios for the DEA as revenge for his daughter being shot. Safilios guns down his brother-in-law and Nomad enters the fray, trying to nail the druglord. Safilios tries to escape in the truck full of drugs but Nomad shoots out the tires and the vehicle goes off a cliff to a fiery explosion below. On the scene, Nomad uncovers a suitcase full of money and a map with directions to Lexington, Kentucky. He turns the cash over to the Arriguez family to help in the now-paraplegic Elia’s recovery and sets out for Kentucky and the next link in the chain….

Epilogue: In Washington, the National Security Council’s Super-Powers Commission meets to decide what is to be done about Nomad. They order a full psychiatric profile to aid them in their decision….

James Fry
Mark McKenna
Rick Parker
James Fry (Cover Penciler)
Mark McKenna (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: General Haywerth, Nomad (Jack Monroe), Umberto Safilios, Valerie Cooper.

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