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Omega The Unknown #7: Review

Mar 1977
Scott Edelman, Jim Mooney

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4 stars

Omega The Unknown #7 Review by (January 17, 2024)

Review: What is it with fights in construction site? This issue begin with the aftermath of one and ends with another. Anyway, the central idea of this tale is that Omega still doesn’t understand how our world works. And why should he? James-Michael seems to have more of an idea though his upbringing seemed as alien as Omega’s. At least JM knows what money is for; JM’s biggest shortcoming is understanding that people are not always logical. Omega is at a complete loss. And so in the middle of a battle with a powerful baddie, Omega isn’t sure why he should be opposing him—and this happens twice. It’s a nice insight into the silent hero’s lack of experience with anything but robot assassins. And it’s one of the most forgettable villains as well. Well, he’s strong…and kinda dumb…. Thanks, Blockbuster, a villain so obscure that we wasn’t sued by DC Comics’ Blockbuster for copyright infringement because the DC baddie had never heard of him.

Comments: Blockbuster first appeared as Man-Brute in CAPTAIN AMERICA #121; this is his second appearance and with a change of name; his next and final bow is in issue #9. John Nedley was hospitalized in issue #5, after a beating by Nick Delbello and his gang in #4. The letters page includes one by future comics legend Kurt Busiek.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Omega The Unknown #7 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Omega the Unknown awakens near a construction site, a bullet from the villain Kurt Klemmer a/k/a the Wrench having grazed his head. James-Michael Starling is aghast that he was able to protect himself by firing energy blasts out of his hands like Omega. The police arrive and Omega carries JM out of sight and whispers the single word, “Secret.” James-Michael then returns to the scene of the crime as the police are taking the villain away; he goes home with Amber Grant. Omega returns to Gramps’ apartment where the old man is distraught by the murder of his friend Mamie (last issue)….

Elsewhere, Bart Dietzel, the super strong thug called Man-Brute when he fought Captain America, is still frustrated by his being declared an unfit father and his son being placed in the foster care system. Bart, now Blockbuster, vows to use his powers to help and protect his son….

The next day, accompanied by Amber Grant, James-Michael is on his way to visit his friend John Nedley in the hospital; he encounters Dian Wilkins who joins him. A loud noise is heard across the street and Amber races off with her camera; JM and Dian tag along. Blockbuster is robbing a bank by ripping the vault door off and hurling it at the police….

Omega speaks his first words to the grieving Gramps, “I…am…sorry.” Then he senses the ruckus nearby and leaps through the window to land on Blockbuster. The robber picks up a car and hurls it at Omega who blasts it in midair. As Amber snaps pictures from behind a police barrier, Omega and Blockbuster trade punches with the bad guy clearly stronger than Omega. BB picks up the hero and swings him in a big circle, releasing him to crash into a light pole. BB casually remarks that he just wanted the money and runs off. Omega, not understanding the importance of money, lets Blockbuster go. The crowd yells at him to chase the bad guy but it isn’t until he feels James-Michael’s unspoken desire that he pursues Blockbuster. He catches up to the baddie at a construction site and they again trade blows as well as involving a wrecking ball and an elevator. Blockbuster hurls a girder at the wooden scaffolding Omega stands on and it collapses, taking both men down. The baddie pleads that he is only trying to protect his son…and Omega, pondering this, walks away, letting Blockbuster go. The crowd is disappointed and raucous as Omega flies away. Amber is delighted with the photos she took while James-Michael ponders what he just saw….

Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney
Hugh Paley
Dave Cockrum (Cover Penciler)
Dave Cockrum (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Rosen.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Plus: Amber Grant (Amber Douglas), Dian Wilkins.

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