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Omega The Unknown #10: Review

Oct 1977
Steve Gerber, Jim Mooney

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The Hottest Slot in Town!

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3 stars

Omega The Unknown #10 Review by (February 6, 2024)

Review: This final issue tries a change of venue but it’s too late. Gerber and Skrenes try to get the James-Michael half of the story back on track and revisiting his parents’ home was promising though of course it comes to a sudden halt here. The Omega plot makes no sense, with the hero going money mad and hitting up Las Vegas for some loot; it would have been interesting if we could see the story arc (there are a few hints given throughout the issue as to where this was supposed to go) but again, we come to a total grinding halt, a fatal one.

And we won’t ask why Omega is at John Nedley’s funeral as he didn’t know the boy and no one knows of his connection to James-Michael.

Comments: Written by Steve Gerber and Mary Skrenes. Final issue of series. Story concludes in DEFENDERS #76-77. First appearance of Dibbuk who also appears in DEFENDERS #76-77; he is named after the Dybbuk, a creature from Jewish mythology, a lost soul searching for a body. Amber Grant next appears in DEFENDERS #74-81. Ruth Hart and Dian Wilkins next appear in DEFENDERS #76-81. Richard Rory will show up in DEFENDERS #74-78 before moving on to SAVAGE SHE-HULK and other Jen Walters titles. Gramps makes a final appearance in DEFENDERS #75. Page one lettered by Gaspar Saladino.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Omega The Unknown #10 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

James-Michael Starling, Omega the Unknown, and many friends attend the funeral of John Nedley who succumbed to the injuries received in the beating by Nick Delbello and his gang. Omega has enough and flies back to the pawn shop where he tells Gramps they are leaving to seek their fortune. At the cemetery, James-Michael is determined to change his environment and Dian Wilkins asks if she can go with him….

Using the reward granted for recovering the diamonds stolen by Blockbuster last issue, Omega and Gramps take a plane to Las Vegas. There is a slot machine in the airport and Omega instructs his partner how to win the jackpot with some sensitive handling—it works….

Meanwhile, JM and Dian have taken some money and meet at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, preparing to go to JM’s home in the mountains….

Omega, weary from acting human, flies into the desert for some quietude. Suddenly he is attacked by a purple demon that springs up from the ground. The creature alters its body density so that the hero’s blows don’t harm it while it is able to hurt Omega. Omega seizes the opportunity to blast it with his hands, disintegrating it. Fed up, Omega returns to the hotel….

At home, Amber Grant and Ruth Hart discover James-Michael’s farewell letter and are very concerned, Richard Rory, a bit less so….

JM and Dian arrive at the destination and a long walk takes them to an ultra-modern house with many luxuries but Dian is unsettled by the atmosphere of artificiality. She opens a sliding door and screams: standing in an alcove are James-Michael’s parents, motionless robots….

Omega and Gramps hit the gaming tables at a succession of casinos, losing just enough so as to not raise suspicions and moving onto the next one after a judicious amount of time. Back at the hotel, an attractive woman knocks at the door. Once inside, she extrudes tentacles from her head and renders the two unconscious. She is Ruby Thursday of the Headmen in disguise and she summons her partner, a/the purple demon known as Dibbuk, who crashes through the window. They scoop up all of the loot and escape….

When Omega awakens, he first notices the cash is gone then he makes sure that Gramps is alive before pursuing the thief. He sees Ruby driving by in her car and leaps from the balcony, landing beside her, causing her to crash into a light pole. He drags her from the car and shakes her, demanding to know where the money is. The police arrive and, sizing him up as the villain, shoot him down….

Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney
Phil Rachelson
Dave Cockrum (Cover Penciler)
Pablo Marcos (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Howard Bender.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Plus: Amber Grant (Amber Douglas), Dian Wilkins, Richard Rory, Ruby Thursday (Thursday Rubinstein), Ruth Hart.

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