Over the Edge #3: Review

Jan 1996
Ralph Macchio, Stephen B. Jones

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Toads’ Night Out!

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3 stars

Over the Edge #3 Review by (February 26, 2010)
Hulk’s only appearance in this offbeat but short-lived (10 issues) title. Hulk’s third encounter with the Toad Men, after TIH #2 and TIH #190-191. The town of Blackberry is based on Mayberry, North Carolina, setting for “The Andy Griffith Show,” complete with Sheriff Andy, Deputy Barney and Goober (drawn to resemble Andy Griffith, Don Knotts and George Lindsey, respectively). Hulk’s origin is recapped.


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Over the Edge #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
On their way home to Florida, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross’ car breaks down on a lonely road in North Carolina. Bruce carries the car to a nearby town, Blackberry, and, disguised with bandages, drops it off at a service station. There, Betty is warned by a creepy old man to flee the “bad doin’s” coming that night. As they explore the town, Bruce and Betty find everyone to be odd, sinister or unwelcoming. That night, after Bruce is asleep at the motel, Betty sees seeing weird lights at a steel mill on a hill and sneaks out to investigate. She overhears the sheriff plotting with his deputy and hurries back to the motel to warn Bruce. The Toad Men then burst in and Hulk chases them off, then heads with Betty to the steel mill. There they find the townspeople lining up before a huge teleporter, waiting to be sent to Toadworld. As Hulk crashes their party, the Toad Men use one advanced weapon after another against Ol’ Greenskin, but the Professor defeats them with ease, as he does their giant Toad champion. He tosses the alien menaces into their own teleporter and sends them back where they came from. Bruce and Betty then receive a shock: the people of Blackberry wanted to go to Toadworld, since it would be a lot more exciting than the boring town they’ve been living in. The Banners, abashed, head for home, as the Toad Emperor appears to warn readers that the Toad Men are soon coming to “your pathetic little town!”

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Stephen B. Jones
Mike Witherby
Joe Andreani


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)

(Bruce Banner)

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