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Rampaging Hulk, The #4: Review

Nov 1998
Glenn Greenberg, David Ross

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The Mountain

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4 stars


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Rampaging Hulk, The #4 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, Hulk unleashes his anger against a hill causing an avalanche. The green giant is buried under tons of snow. But other victims of the avalanche are a father and his son, who were inside a cabin. Hulk creates a tunnel and reaches the cabin. But turns into Bruce Banner when he gets into it. They use the tunnel to get out of the cabing. Almost at the top, the kid slides pushing Bruce down, who turns into the Hulk. The child is saved by the behemoth who turns back to Bruce and returns the son to his father. Officers arrive and handcuff the father. He's accussed of kidnapping his son. The kid's mother had exclusive custody of the son, and since the man could not see his son, he chose the illegal way to be with him. Bruce compares this poor man with his own father, who never loved him.

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David Ross
Tom Wegrzyn
Rick Leonardi (Cover Penciler)

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