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Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #10: Review

Aug 1978
Doug Moench, Ron Wilson

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Thunder of Dawn! (Parts One and Two)

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4 stars

Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #10 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First issue in color, and first issue under the title of The Hulk!. Beautiful art and color reproduction on high quality paper. The nicest looking book of its time from any comic publisher. I cant believe that as of this writing (10/06), this has not been reprinted. The only problem with the color issues of this title is the brittle nature of the covers, binding, and staples. The color issues (10-22) seem to be harder to find in nice condition, and are easily ripped. Extra Content: TVs Bill Bixby Talks Uncredited interview with actor Bill Bixby with 6 photos from TV show. The Runaway and the Rescuer (text story w/ spot illustrations) David Anthony Kraft - D. Jon Zimmerman, 3 illos by Ernie Chan Year of the Hulk (text article with product pictures) David Anthony Kraft - illustration by several artists: Marie Severin (?), 3 photos of Hulk products (1979 calendar, plastic head bank, cover rough for Fireside book collection). Gallery of Villains(pinup gallery of Hulk foes) David Kraft - Ron Wilson- Various inkers. Includes Hercules, Leader, Chameleon, Executioner, Banners bionic Robot. Readers Rampage (2 page letter column). Wraparound painted cover by Val Mayerik, inside photo cover of Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #10 Synopsis by Peter Kowalchick
Hulk is alone on the upper west coast of the United States. He is overwhelmed, and then angered by natures beauty and lashes out destroying a massive tree. He immediately regrets doing so, and weeping, reverts back to Bruce Banner and falls asleep. His nightmares of the Hulk are interrupted by a motorcyclist crashing over a nearby log. Bruce rushes to help but none is needed. The rider, Dawn Michaels is fine, and convinces Bruce to return to her house for breakfast. Dawn is a worker at the local mine and after some cajoling, convinces Bruce he should come with her and get a job. In the mines office, the supervisor Mr. Bennings is on the phone with the mines owner Gideon Wolman about the Daily Bugles latest expose on alleged impropriety by the mine. Wolman believes Bennings has hired a reporter working on the inside as a miner. Dawn gets Bruce a job, and Mr. Bennings tells the foreman to keep an eye on Bruce and to be wary of anyone asking questions. Bruce completes his first day and goes home with Dawn for dinner. They go to bed afterward, Dawns sleep disturbed by Bruces crying out during his nightmares. The next day, Bruce does some investigating and sees that the mine is operating dangerously when it melts its radioactive ore. The foreman informs Mr. Bennings that Bruce has been asking questions and is escorted by an armed miner to meet with Gideon Wolman. Wolman tells him to mind his own business if he wants to keep his job. That night in front a roaring fireplace, Dawn and Bruce convene. Dawn let Bruce know she is the undercover reporter and has discovered the mine is stockpiling the dangerous radioactive ore. She and Bruce embrace, and are observed by the foreman through the window. The next morning they awaken early and venture to the mine. Bennings tells Wolman that Banner isnt a threat and Wolman makes plans over the phone to sell his ore to terrorists. Banner mistakenly thinks Dawn is in danger, becomes agitated, and transforms into the Hulk. The Hulk mistakenly thinks a bulldozer is out to crush him and he responds by destroying all the heavy machinery. The Hulk finishes the camp and leaves. Wolman and Bennings converge upon the wreckage and plot Banners demise. Bennings locates Bruce, again with Dawn, and he knocks Dawn out with a shovel. Bennings struggles with Bruce and knocks him out as well. Bennings puts Bruce in a sealed cave inside a mountain, while Dawn comes to and demands that Bennings tell her where Banner is. Bennings becomes agitates and shoots Dawn, leaving her for dead. Bruce becomes the Hulk and smashes through the mountain to escape. He finds Dawns body, cries, and swears revenge. He finds Wolman at an offshore oil rig, getting ready to deal with the terrorists. Hulk catches Wolmans helicopter and throws it at the rig, destroying everything in the process. Hulk buries her, cries for her, and proclaims that he will always care for her.

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Ron Wilson
Ricardo Villamonte
Val Mayerik (Cover Penciler)

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