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Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #6: Review

Dec 1977
John Warner, Keith Pollard

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And All the Sea, with Monsters!

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3 stars

Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #6 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Backup story 'BloodStone: Conspiracy Ascendant!' by John Warner, Allen Kupperberg and Sonny Trinidad.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #6 Synopsis by Jeff Grubs
The Hulk, with Rick Jones clung along his back, is leaping across the Mediterranean shores of Italy. Rick pleads with the Hulk to turn back towards the ocean to save their friend Bereet whom the Hulk has seemingly forgotten was captured by Namor the Submariner under the suspicion that she was aware of more about those responsible for the attacks on Atlantis than she had revealed. While leaping towards an island atoll a massive sea monster, a mutation of the Krylorians, attacks them as they approached the atoll. The Hulk battles the sea monster, event detected by the Krylorians. They are soon forced to abandon their sea craft when the Hulk knocks the sea monster into it, causing it to sink. As they abandon the sea craft wearing respiration gear, they attack the Hulk who has already been weakened after fighting the monster for some time underwater. Oxygen deprivation combined with the might of multiple alien weapons fire, triggers the transformation back into Bruce Banner who is caught in the explosion of the Krylorian sea craft. Bruce drifts ashore the atoll where Rick was stranded and the two eventually decide to seek Bereet out and save her from the Submariner. Bereet looses her Banshee mask ship and mentally sends it in search of Rick and the Hulk. At the atoll, Rick and Bruce discover Krylorian respiration gear and salvage it for their own use in rescuing Bereet. The banshee mask arrives and the two of them board knowing that it was Bereet herself that sent it to retrieve them and help her escape. As the mask passes over Atlantis, the Atlantians open fire upon the ship forcing it to shrink and release Rick and the Hulk who has transformed during the excitement of the attack. Meanwhile the Krylorians have discovered the location of Atlantis and with their army of mutated sea monsters, make their way to assault the city. The Hulk and Rick float down and are confronted by Namor and his guardsmen. He demands that Namor release Bereet and Namor agrees as long as honor is served in a rite of combat between the two sides. The Hulk one side and Namor on the other. They battle using armor and weapons, but it is obvious that Namor's speed in such occasions is superior so the Hulk decides to toss aside the armor and weapons and fight hand to hand. The two battle to a stalemate as the Krylorian assault with their mutation sea monsters begins. Namor, realizing that Bereet's claims that the Krylorians were responsible for the attacks against his people were true, asks the Hulk to join him in defending the city. The two, along with the Atlantian guard, defeat the sea monsters and damage the Krylorian attackers forcing them to flee. Because of the Hulk's help, Namor allows the three of them to leave in peace.

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Keith Pollard
Tony De Zuniga
Ken Barr (Cover Penciler)


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