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Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #2: Review

Apr 1977
Doug Moench, Walt Simonson

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And Then... The X-Men

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3 stars


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Rampaging Hulk, The / The Hulk! #2 Synopsis by Richard Sheehan
Part 1
The Hulk decides he's tired of Rome, Rick Jones and Bereet decide to depart to pastures new. Within a short time he's bounded into France. Unfortunately for him, he immediately gets attacked by a mysterious giant Titan. Almost as soon as the fight begins its over as the Titan explodes. Nearby, someone conducting a strange test departs before the Hulk can notice it. The Hulk falls asleep and turns back into Banner, while back in Rome, Bereet transforms into a nun in an attempt to appear inconspicuous.

Part 2
Cue to the X-Men's retreat, where they're being tested in the Danger Room. Iceman gets a bit carried away and in a fit of temper causes the room to go wild and attack them from all angles. In an attempt to set things back to normal, Cyclops destroys the rooms control panel. Summoned by Professor X, they are informed of the Titan that the Hulk had seen, and which had been running amok in Paris. This had happened 3 times and all of them had disappeared without trace. The only clue was a radio signal that Xavier had detected that appeared to be controlling them. The X-Men departs for Paris.

Part 3
The mysterious girl who had earlier observed the Hulk was now in Paris and made her way to an underground Krylorian base before transforming back to her alien self. The Krylorians were kidnapping humans and mutating them to create the creatures similar to the one the Hulk fought. Unfortunately, humans weren't satisfactory so they decided to mutate a Krylorian in an attempt to beat the Hulk and defeat humanity. Back in Rome, Rick and Bereet hear a report of a monster running berserk in Paris and assume it to be the Hulk. Bereet conjures up a transporter to take them to Paris. The X-Men gets to Paris and begin searching for the mutants. Angel sees Banner but mistakes him for a drunk falling into a river and tries to rescue him, at which point Banner becomes the Hulk. Angel, believing the Hulk to be the mutant they're looking for, departs to get the rest of his team-mates. The Hulk, deciding to look for food, goes to Paris and Professor X sends the X-men after him. At the same time Rick and Bereet appear in Paris.

Part 4
The Hulk is confronted by the X-Men and battle is joined at the top of the Eiffel tower. Rick and Bereet turn up and defuse the situation, just as one of the mysterious Titans appear. The X-men decide to switch the battle in that direction and the Hulk is soon convinced to join the fray as well. Meanwhile, the Krylorians are monitoring the battle from their underground base. As the Hulk begins to take a pounding from the mutated Krylorian, Rick and Bereet become concerned about the safety of the crowd in the area. Bereet manages to use a device to send everyone in the crowd apart from the Hulk, X-men, Krylorian and her and Rick to sleep, and this has another side effect as the Krylorian mutant explodes and disappears. Cyclops has been monitoring the radio signals controlling the Krylorian mutant and they set off to find the source of the signal.

Part 5
In their secret underground base, the Krylorians are trying to find out what went wrong when the Hulk comes crashing through the roof. Between the Hulk and the X-men, the Krylorians have no chance and the base is destroyed. The Hulk changes back to Banner, the X-men depart and Rick, Bruce and Bereet head off for a rest.

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Walt Simonson
Alfredo Alcala
Ken Barr (Cover Penciler)


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