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Secret Wars 2099 #1: Review

May 2015
Peter David, Will Sliney

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3.5 stars

Secret Wars 2099 #1 Review by (May 31, 2015)
Apparently all superheroes work for Alchemax in this zone's version of the Superhero Registration Act. Apparently Miguel Stone is an alternate version of Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099 in this alternate version of 2099. Miguel was actually the son of Alchemax boss Tyler Stone, and in this reality the relationship was presumably openly known. Captain America's secret id receptionist Roberta, and her robot-like personality while switching ids, is probably an in-joke reference to the Fantastic Four's robot receptionist with the same name. The whole Hercules killing family thing is mythologically accurate, but there are different versions where he doesn't always kill his wife, and the number of kids varies. The Defenders in upcoming issues don't seem to be those who will be in Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders. Female Vision as an oracle submerged in liquid and connected to machinery reminds me of the Cylon Hybrids in the Battlestar Galactica remake. But Vision disobeys the 1st rule of oracles by making a clear understandable prediction. As a comic presumably aimed at nostalgia for the 2099 universe this is strangely so much an alternate version that it has almost no connection to the original. That and the Cap's wings fluff and the unexplained disappearing Iron Man makes me mark this issue down, despite being written by Peter David. Maybe it will improve.


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Secret Wars 2099 #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Tania is out with her boyfriend in Nueva York when she gets a call to action as Black Widow. Other 2099 Avengers are already in action:-  A version of Hercules, an oversize Iron Man, a Hawkeye with wings and talons rather than a bow and arrow, and a female Captain America muscled up by the Super-Soldier serum. Their targets are jewel thieves the Chain Gang.

Drunken Herc charges in, gets knocked back into a car, and abandons the fight in favour of making unwelcome advances to its female occupant. Iron Man takes up the battle but seems to vanish(?) as a Ganger shoots Hawkeye who is carrying Cap and drops her. But as she falls she sprouts forcefield wings (so why was she being carried into battle?) and defeats the villain. Fallen Hawkeye is about to get shot again when Black Widow leaps on the gunman. Cap has to stop her killing him with her lethal stinger. Iron Man retuns with the rest of the gang in tow. Cap now rescues the car driver from amorous Hercules. Herc apologises, but then stalks off without attending the mission debrief.

Captain America reports to Miguel Stone, head of Alchemax, who controls the Avengers. He promises to have a word with Hercules about his drinking, and then dismisses her. This causes her to go into a robotic trance that he calls her transition mode. She leaves and changes into her secret id as receptionist Roberta, apparently afterwatds not knowing she's Cap. She gets a video call from her husband and 1 of their 2 daughters.

Stone finds Hercules in his room and orders him to stop drinking alcohol. Herc says he has already done so - he's now only drinking cider. He's trying to drown his sorrows on the anniversary of when in a fit of madness inflicted by Hera he killed his wife Megara and their 3 children.

Iron Man is down in Alchemax's basement with the Vision. The extra-large armour opens to reveal a small man inside, named Sonny Frisco. This Vision is a female android floating in a bath and hooked up via cables. She warns him to beware of enemies who will call themselves friends - the Defenders.

Will Sliney
Will Sliney
Andres Mossa
Dave Rapoza (Cover Penciler)
Dave Rapoza (Cover Inker)
Dave Rapoza (Cover Colorist)


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Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Captain America
Captain America

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Iron Man
Iron Man

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Plus: Defenders.

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