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Secret Wars 2099 #4: Review

Aug 2015
Peter David, Will Sliney

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4 stars

Secret Wars 2099 #4 Review by (August 22, 2015)
Another misleading cover. Captain America and Miguel Stone (displaying Spider-Man 2099 powers) don't actually fight.


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Secret Wars 2099 #4 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In 2099 the Avengers work for the Alchemax corporation. Last issue they cooperated with the Defenders on a case. But Alchemax's boss Miguel Stone reminded the other team that all superheroes must work for his company. When the Defenders refused he ordered them arrested.

Avenger Hercules is getting drunk with Defender Roman the Sub-Mariner, comparing tactics with women. When guards arrive to take Roman into custody, Herc takes exception. When Stone hears about it he sends Black Widow and Hawkeye (the 2099 versions) to deal with it.

Silver Surfer and Hulk 2099 have already been captured. Captain America 2099 isn't happy because she promised them safe conduct. But Miguel uses the codeword 'dismissed' which is supposed to revert her to her civilian ID Roberta Mendez, who doesn't know she's Cap.

As she leaves the room in the transition phase that will allow her to exchange her costume for her civvies before the Roberta personality takes over, Miguel's wheelchair-bound father enters. But this time the conversion doesn't take, and Cap determines to do something.

Meanwhile the female android Vision is spasming in her pool, and her techs don't know how to help her. Iron Man 2099 rushes in and midget Sonny Frisco leaps out of the suit to her aid. He's the only 1 the android trusts. Vision babbles a prediction of the end of the Avengers, and that Roberta is in trouble. Sonny immediately sends for Harry Mendez, Roberta's husband.

Hawkeye/Max helps Hercules stand up as Black Widow/Tania pretends to seduce him. With that offer Herc totally ignores the guards trying to hold Roman down. But then Cap joins them and tells the Greek god to hit Hawkeye. (This is another replay of the Hulk punching Thor scene from the 1st Avengers film. Last issue it was Hulk 2099 hitting Herc.)

Hawk's hurtling body helps Roman get free of the guards. Cap faces off with BW, but Herc KO's *her* too. Then the 2 of them escape with Sub-Mariner 2099.

Miguel is having a typical testy meeting with his father, who thinks he should still have a say in the running of the company he founded and the Avengers team he helped create. He's relieved when Iron Man bursts in to tell him what Captain America's done. Miguel orders him to make sure she doesn't free Hulk and Silver Surfer too.

At that moment Hercules is forcing his way through a forcefield protecting their cell, urged on by Cap. Then Roman convinces a scientist to free the captives from their neural inhibitors, and SS and Hulk are loose once more.

Unfortunately Hulk remembers Cap's broken promise about their safety in Alchemax, and he punches her before smashing his way out of the room. Then Iron Man blasts her from behind. But this isn't enough to stop Cap from ordering Herc, Roman and the Surfer to follow Hulk.

As the 4-some bust their way out of the building, agile Cap fights a delaying action against Iron Man. Until Roberta's husband Harry arrives. He's actually an Alchemax stooge positioned to keep an eye on her, and he uses an override phrase to force her to switch from Captain America to Roberta.

Luckily at that point Dr Strange 2099 pops in through a dimensional portal and rescues Cap. She takes her to where she and the other Defender Valkyrie escaped last issue. But Cap is now Roberta Mendez, and totally confused as to why she's wearing a superhero costume.

Will Sliney
Will Sliney
Antonio Fabela
Dave Rapoza (Cover Penciler)
Dave Rapoza (Cover Inker)
Dave Rapoza (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Nick Lowe. Editor-in-chief: Axel Alonso.


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Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

(Norrin Radd)


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