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Shadows and Light #3: Review

Jul 1998
Roger Stern, John Buscema

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Where Will All Come Home

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4.5 stars

Shadows and Light #3 Review by (May 23, 2023)
Besides the classic man vs monster facet, this Hulk story explores another antagonism (seen in a few other Hulk comics as well). Optimism vs pessimism. We see how conquering a difficult ordeal depends largely on a person's attitude. Intelligence should dictate that. Suprisingly, in the Banner Hulk case, the wiser personality sees the "glass half empty". So, the brute is the true master to follow in these situations. Hulk does not give up and resolves the problem with optimism and a heck of a lot of effort too! Conclusion: Difficult challenges require both optimism and hard work to resolve them. A lesson most welcome from a so-called "man brute" in these Covid-19 pandemic days.

Hulk's extra credits: Stephanie Cerwinski is assistant inker. 

This comic includes three other stories. Characters are Werewolf (by Jim Starlin and Tom Grindberg), Spider-Man (by Keith Giffen) and the Silver Surfer (by Bob Layton).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Shadows and Light #3 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
After a long time, Bruce Banner returns to the New Mexico cave lab he and Rick Jones constructed back in the early days to retain the Hulk at night. Banner hopes to find useful devices but there's nothing of value. Suddenly, a tremor knocks rocks from the roof. Banner looks refuge inside the special chamber and gets trapped. Stressed due to lack of air, he turns into the Hulk.

The man monster pounds the door but to no avail since it was built to resist his attacks. So, he starts lashing his power against the thick cave walls instead. He insists for hours without success. Banner's personality is pessimistic. But Hulk doesn't give up.

When there is almost no breathing air left, Hulk notices water entering from a newly created crack. Such strengthened him, pounding the floor hard, causing the wall to break apart, letting the lake water in. Struggling, Hulk reaches the surface to finally breath.

As the transformation takes place, Hulk reminds Banner that he cannot be defeated. And Banner realizes that the monster he is so tired of, has saved his life once again.

Also in this story (flashbacks): Rick Jones, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Wasp.

“…Even the Beast Hates!” 4/5
Writer: Jim Starlin. Art: Tom Grindberg. Letters: John Costanza.
Synopsis: The Werewolf (by Night) is running free in the Catskill Mountains when he comes across the body of a small child, slain by a pedophile. The next day, Werewolf’s instincts lead Jack Russell to identify the culprit in town. Pretending to be a man with similar tastes, Jack, reminded of a man who molested him as a child, invites him to his motel room, only to turn into the Werewolf and pursue him through the town and the woods. The molester, discovering what a real predator is, flees in panic, finally leaping off a cliff. “I may be a monster but there are things even the beast hates.” 

“Foul Tip” 4/5
Writer: Keith Giffen. Pencils: Keith Giffen. Inks: Andy Smith. Letters: John Workman.
Synopsis: Hearing that Doctor Octopus has hired A.I.M. to build him a weapon, Spider-Man invades their hideout and beats them up, overcoming all of their devices, including a huge robot. When he demands to know where Doc Ock is, the A.I.M. agents are confused as they are working for Viper. Spidey realizes he got the address wrong and departs….

(No title given) 4/5
Writer: Bob Layton. Art: Bob Layton. Letters: John Workman.
Synopsis: The Silver Surfer locates a desolate planet, suitable for Galactus to feed on. A warship suddenly appears out of hyperspace and attacks the Surfer. The Surfer fights back and confronts the lone occupant. He is Skarrzz, scout for the galactic warlord Kallreich the Unconquerable, and his desire is for Galactus to kill him and the Warlord both. Skarrzz was forced to serve Kallreich in exchange for the villain’s sparing his homeworld but now the blood on his hands has become unbearable and he wants them both to die. He hoped that the Surfer could put off summoning his master until Kallreich had arrived. The Surfer rejects this idea, being beyond emotions such as pity or compassion. Yet a spark of Norrin Radd’s conscience remains in him and soon Kallreich lands on the planet—moments before Galactus arrives. The Silver Surfer realizes that Skarrzz was a better judge of the Surfer’s soul than he realized and that his own day of reckoning is approaching….


Colossus by Bart Sears (frontispiece)

Thor by Arthur Suydam

Viper and the Silver Samurai by Mike Dringenberg

X-Men by Andrea Di Vito and Sandu Florea

The Thing by Claudio Castellini

Nick Fury by Lee Weeks (back cover)

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John Buscema
John Buscema
John Buscema (Cover Penciler)
Claudio Castellini (Cover Inker)
Letterer: John Costanza.
Editor: Peter Franco.


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

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Captain America
Captain America

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(Hank Pym)

(Bruce Banner)
Iron Man
Iron Man

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Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

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