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Solo Avengers #15: Review

Feb 1989
Tom DeFalco, Al Milgrom

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The Awesome Attackoid

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4 stars

Solo Avengers #15 Review by (May 17, 2022)

Review:Avengers Team-up” continues, providing a nice tale full of adventure with some humor. And a twist tending, don’t forget that.

Meanwhile, the Wasp tale has more action and more humor, Janet being one of the most adorable Avengers and the contrast of a giant robot and her petite (and able to get much petiter) frame is amusing just on the surface. Cool.  

Comments: First story: Part two of three parts. Second story: Title is a pun on the phrase “Running on empty,” meaning continuing when out of resources. Red Ronin, also known as SJ3RX, was introduced in Marvel’s GODZILLA #6, appearing through issue #18, then AVENGERS #197-199 as mentioned by Wasp, and now here. The Pontiac Silverdome was a real place, open 1975-2013. Story includes a gag reference to the famous Life Cereal commercial with Mikey and adds a dig at Roger Moore.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Solo Avengers #15 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In A.I.M. headquarters’ lab, a giant android is attacking Hawkeye and Black Widow with electric bolts from its hands. Hawkeye tangles it up in a cable arrow so it melts the cable then shoots flames at the heroes. Having been programmed with Widow’s physical ability it instinctively knows the best way to fight against them. As the two continue to duel with the Attackoid, A.I.M. troops gather outside the lab, preparing to attack but Mockingbird leaps out of the darkness and takes them on with her battle staves. In the lab, Hawkeye shoots an explosive arrow into the Attackoid’s open mouth then from behind Widow pulls its jaws shut with a strong cable. The bomb detonates, blowing the monster’s head off. The Scientist flees and the two Avengers follow him, with Hawkeye wondering where all of the unconscious baddies outside came from. The Scientist takes off in a rocket sled as the two manage to cling to the side before it takes off, leaving the unseen Mockingbird behind. The Scientist radios his superiors, the Imperial Council of Seven who are watching by security camera and are aware of the two Avengers clinging to the sled. They dispatch their Enforcer Fourteen to protect Project Brain Drain and he is overjoyed at being chosen to prove his worth to A.I.M. The sled comes to a halt and Hawkeye and Black Widow jump out to seize the Scientist but Enforcer Fourteen arrives with an army of soldiers. Hawkeye tries to bluff his way out but he recognizes the Enforcer’s voice; the baddie unmasks to reveal…Hank Pym….

“Ronin on Empty” 4/5
Writer: Fabian Nicieza. Pencils: Tom Morgan. Inks: Mark McKenna. Colors: Paul Becton. Letters: Michael Higgins.
Synopsis: At an electronics trade show in the Pontiac (Michigan) Silverdome, a man is trapped in the jaws of the giant robot known as the Red Ronin. Janet Van Dyne, there to represent her company, turns into the Wasp and flies to the rescue. But there is no need, it was only Stane International rep Karaguchi Inoyawa demonstrating the safety of their latest project. Wasp reminds him how the Avengers fought to defeat Red Ronin; Inoyawa reveals that the robot has been reprogrammed for peaceful purposes and asks Janet for a date which she declines, finding Inoyawa brash and obnoxious. She returns to her exhibit as a man named Joe Kilman, bitter at having been fired by Stane, uses his secret software to take control of Red Ronin and have it knock over a huge tower; Janet again wasps into action and she is able to hook a supporting cable to the tower so that it falls away from the occupied area. The giant robot then moves backwards and through the stadium wall into the parking lot, wrecking cars, including Janet’s own Jaguar. Wasp and Inoyawa recognize the unconscious Kilman a deduce he has taken over Red Ronin. The robot is locked in assembly mode, meaning it will search for its missing parts until it finds them. Wasp enters the Ronin, evades internal defense mechanisms, and is able to shut it down by following Inoyawa’s radioed instructions. The Stane boss hits on her again and again she deflects it with a wisecrack.

Al Milgrom
Jose Marzan Jr.
Janet Jackson
Tom Artis (Cover Penciler)
Joe Rubinstein (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jack Morelli.


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Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)

(Clint Barton)

(Janet Van Dyne)

Plus: Red Ronin.

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