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Sub-Mariner: Revolution #3: Review

Aug 2007
Matt Cherniss, Philippe Briones

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Revolution: Chapter 3

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4 stars

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #3 Review by (February 14, 2015)
The Sentinels at the Xavier school are part of Sentinel Squad O*N*E that were sent after House of M's Decimation Day to safeguard the mutants at the school (and also effectively keep them prisoners). This type of Sentinel contains a human operator, but there is no indication that these particular operators are any of those known by name from the Sentinel Squad O*N*E mini-series or elsewhere. Cerebra is the upgraded Cerebro introduced in (New) X-Men #114. Cerebro was a helmet, Cerebra is a room. In my version of the Marvel Continuity Project's chronology Wolverine and Prof X are now off to appearances in the X-Men: Endangered Species sequence of stories, and then Wolvie will rejoin the New Avengers for NAv#27-37 (preceded by some flashbackery in #29-30), heavily entangled with Mighty Avengers #1-11.

We have never actually seen an origin for Homo Mermanus (although Nathan Adler has a proposal in 1 of the shortest entries in his How Would You Fix...? site), or indeed if they *are* an offshoot of surface man. The earliest we've seen of them is Tales of Atlantis in #64-66 of Sub-Mariner v1, where they colonised the long-submerged ruins of the surface world Atlantis. It is perhaps only a coincidence that the denizens of the surface Atlantis (ToA in #62-63) were also blue-skinned like current Atlanteans. Also Xavier's claims that Atlanteans are all mutant humans will clash with the title of the 2010 mini-series Namor, the First Mutant. (Not to mention that there are other mutants like Apocalypse who've been around longer than Subby.) It has not actually been stated clearly anywhere earlier that more Atlantean sleeper cells were found or admitted to after the 1 in Civil War: Front Line. And we definitely haven't seen Namor publicly claiming to recall them. The revolutionary leader in Atlantis will be named Zoran next issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #3 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In the current day Iron Man, in the SHIELD subsea fleet, reviews the situation with the General who is his liaison with the US military. Atlantis has been destroyed by unknown means. The skeleton on the throne appears to be Sub-Mariner. The rest of the Atlanteans have disappeared, as has their prisoner Nitro (wanted for blowing up Stamford and starting the Civil War).

We now go back 5 days where Namor confronts Wolverine at the Xavier Institute in order to ask Prof X for help. Logan is worried that the guardian Sentinels will attack Subby because he's considered a terrorist after Atlanteans destroyed Bentonville. And the mutant students will get caught in the crossfire. So of course he attacks Namor.

They trade blows until Wolvie traps Subby in the swimming pool covered over by a force field. Not the wisest of moves. Reinvigorated Namor tunnels his way out, takes Logan into the air and smashes him back to the ground.

Charles Xavier interrupts the fun and takes Sub-Mariner indoors. He agrees to help Namor find the rogue Atlanteans responsible for the atrocity because he knows he's too honourable to have ordered it himself. He'll use the mutant-detecting Cerebra. (Prof X explains that this will work because Atlanteans are all mutants, as descended from humans who changed to become water-breathers.)

Cerebra detects Atlanteans at 13 places within the US. Xavier is shocked when Namor admits that 12 of them are known to him. Charles believed that the Atlanteans had recalled all their sleeper cells after 1 was discovered in Civil War: Front Line. The unauthorised 13th cell is in Seattle. Namor produces the Atlantean artefact he discovered in Bentonville last issue and asks Prof X to use it to let Cerebra home in closer on its owner. But angry Xavier refuses, and angry Sub-Mariner stalks out.

On the way out 2 Sentinels with human operators try to arrest him. He takes his frustration out on them and then flies off.

In Seattle the 3-man 13th cell are emptying a refuse truck to use to transport equipment. The large member of the team, who we now learn is called Krakos, deals with a local objection. Later they're in the Space Needle from which they intend to watch their next terrorist action.

Tony Stark and Maria Hill are still with the SHIELD fleet blockading Atlantis. Since Sub-Mariner broke out last issue it's all been quiet, and they wish they knew what was going on.

And inside Atlantis a revolutionary group meets. When Kamar's sleeper cell strikes in Seattle they will rise up and take the city. Meanwhile Argos stirs the loyal troops to be ready to resist any coup attempt.

Prince Namor is flying away from the Westchester school when he's hit by a ray which brings him crashing to the ground unable to breathe. The ray is from a gun which fires nanotech spores which suck the oxygen out of his blood. And it was fired by Venom, the Thunderbolts member sent by the Government last issue.

Venom continues to torture Subby with blasts from the gun. And then rips off 2 of his ankle wings, from the inner sides of the ankles.

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Philippe Briones
Philippe Briones
Paul Mounts
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Penciler)
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Inker)
Leinil Francis Yu (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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Plus: Atlanteans.

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