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Sub-Mariner: Revolution #4: Review

Sep 2007
Matt Cherniss, Philippe Briones

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Revolution: Chapter 4

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4 stars

Sub-Mariner: Revolution #4 Review by (February 17, 2015)
Next issue's flashback continues directly from this but says 4 days ago. I'll take a hint from the Marvel Continuity Project Calendar and say that it takes a long time for Namor to get to the Baxter Building, possibly passing out from blood loss and the effects of the nanospores. Everything from the rebels shutting down the power onwards must happen the next day. Venom's tongue is part of the Symbiote, not of Mac Gargan inside. As such it probably doesn't take it much effort to regrow it. It certainly isn't missing in their next appearance in the 2nd half of Thunderbolts: Breaking Point. The original HERBIE robot appeared in Fantastic Four #209-217, but was taken over by Dr Sun and self-destructed to save the FF. Various HERBIE's have been built since then, mainly with the job of looking after Franklin and Valeria Richards.

Namor's ally will be revealed to be Dr Doom in #6. The appearance of Reed and Sue Richards at the same time as Dr Doom in this issue is central to my proposal to the MCP which moves this limited series here to before Mighty Avengers #1-11. The argument applies even more to their joint apps in the following Penance: Relentless mini-series. Basically Dr Doom is imprisoned by Iron Man and SHIELD in MAv#11, and he supposedly stays there until Secret Invasion/Dark Reign with just 1 excursion in FF#557-562. Meanwhile the Richards pair are on a 2nd honeymoon on Titan from FF#545 (straight after Captain America's funeral in Fallen Son #5) to #550 (after MAv#11). Thus it's difficult to find somewhere to place this series and Relentless. (The Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel mini-series gets dragged in here as well because it includes Namor and the FF pair and fits before this series.) The MCP has the 3 series between FF#550 and #557. This was OK for the FF but left Dr Doom in an anomalous position. The available explanations were either that his apps here and in Relentless are a Doombot (and MCP try to avoid Doombotism wherever possible) or there's an undocumented escape and recapture of Doom around there. Luckily for me MCP had already said that Reed returned for a while during the holiday to explain his app in MAv#6. I decided to latch on to that and expand it to include a return of both of them encompassing these other appearances moved to before MAv#1-11. However it's not that simple. While they were away Reed and Sue were replaced in the FF by Black Panther and Storm. So where were those 2 during these issues, especially when Human Torch and Thing join Invisible Woman and Mr Fantastic for Relentless? To discover my answer to that you'll have to view the ongoing 'Dr Doom in prison' thread in the MCP forum.


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Sub-Mariner: Revolution #4 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Currently Tony Stark gets a message from Reed Richards who has done further tests on the skeleton that was found on the throne of ruined Atlantis. He's compared its DNA with some Sub-Mariner left at the Baxter Building in his recent 'visit' (ie the 1 described in the flashback below). The skeleton isn't exactly Prince Namor's.

Back in flashback land it's still 5 days ago, and Venom is still beating up on Namor. He's already infected him with nanospores that have sucked the oxygen out of his blood, and torn off 2 of his ankle wings. But suddenly Subby fights back - apparently the nanospores don't work as well on Atlanteans as they do on humans. He smashes the large nanospore gun on Venom's head, and then takes retaliation for the wings by ripping his huge tongue out.

In Atlantis rebels have taken over the central power facility, and report back to their leader Zoran as they shut the power down.

Sub-Mariner has trouble flying with half his wings missing, but he makes it to the Baxter Building. Sue Richards leaves her daughter Valeria in the charge of the latest HERBIE robot, and goes to his aid. She seals the wounds on his ankles.

Namor reminds Sue how she came to him for help in Civil War #6, and he responded with his troops in CW#7. Now he wants her to rally some friends to help him stop the Atlantean terrorists in Seattle. But she refuses, because he secretly put sleeper cells in the US, and it's 1 of those cells that has now gone rogue. However she relents a bit a lends him the FantastiCar to get to Seattle quickly.

The 3-man cell are in the Space Needle watching a skyscraper opposite as their leader Kamar remote-triggers a device in its basement. A fluid-like forcefield surrounds the building and starts sucking all the oxygen out.

En route to his destination Namor contacts his ally from #1, asking if he can detect anything which might indicate where the attack is set up. The ally just directs him to news reports, where Subby recognises the effects of the machines Atlanteans use to extract oxygen from sea water.

In Atlantis the main force of rebels are waiting for their men to return from the power centre before launching their coup. But loyal Argos has captured those men and 'persuaded' them to tell him all about the rebellion. Now he and the loyal army initiate a pitched battle. But in the middle of the fight Argos sends some of them to secure the defence control centre, leaving his side heavily outnumbered.

Sub-Mariner arrives at the attack site and dives from the FantastiCar to smash through to the basement where the extractor is. But the 3 rebels have seen him arrive and get there too. Huge Krakos hits him, and the leader Kamar declares himself Namor's son and announces his intention to take the throne of Atlantis.

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Philippe Briones
Philippe Briones
Paul Mounts
Marko Djurdjevic (Cover Penciler)
Marko Djurdjevic (Cover Inker)
Marko Djurdjevic (Cover Colorist)


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Iron Man

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Plus: Atlanteans.

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