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Tales of Suspense #65: Review

May 1965
Stan Lee, Don Heck

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When Titans Clash!

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2 stars

Tales of Suspense #65 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Only Silver Age appearance of the original Red Skull, who first appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1, March 1941. In the following issue he is revealed to be an agent of the real Red Skull. The cover image was used for Bucky's Marvel Value Stamp.

Tales of Suspense #65 Review by (April 21, 2012)
Review (Iron Man): Pointless little story has a loser cause trouble in the Iron Man armor until Tony whips his tail. Mostly a fight scene, which is fairly cool, though we’ve seen “Iron Man fights an armored enemy in the factory” way too many times. And it was rather convenient that Weasel went crazy so he couldn’t cause any further complications, wasn’t it? Only the melancholy ending, which is standard during this period, sets it apart from the usual fare.

Comments (Iron Man): Weasel Wills finds an entire suit of Iron Man armor in Tony’s briefcase—but Tony always wears the chestplate, the case contains only the helmet, gauntlets, and boots; see “All about Iron Man” in ish #55. So where did Wills get a chestplate?


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Tales of Suspense #65 Synopsis by T Vernon
Tony Stark, realizing he can never marry the woman he loves, decides to tour his mid-western factory, leaving Pepper and Happy together. While he is away overseeing the demonstration of his new his new transistor rocket guidance system, a burglar named Weasel Wills enters the Stark facility on Long Island by stowing away beneath a truck. Wills finds his way to Tony’s office and discovers the briefcase containing the Iron Man armor. Realizing Tony Stark must be Iron Man, Wills dons the armor and leaves through the door, the guards assuming he is the real Shellhead. After some practice, Wills get the hang of controlling the armor and embarks on a crime spree. When he hears the news, Tony returns to New York and puts on his older clunky golden armor; he then broadcasts a message challenging the thief to a duel. Wills arrives at the Long Island plant and attacks Stark but his lack of experience in the suit and his overconfidence more than make up for the capabilities of the different armors. Tony manages to distract his foe until his power is drained then calls the guards. Security asks Wills where he found the armor, and the crook, driven mad by the power, claims that he has always been Iron Man. His secret safe, Tony goes back to wallowing in self-pity.

Story #2

The Red Skull Strikes!

Writer: Stan Lee. Penciler: Jack Kirby. Inker: Chic Stone. Colorist: ?.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Steve and Bucky drop off Major Croy at his apartment and the officer refuses further protection, ordering the duo back to base. That night, Croy receives a visit from the Red Skull who sprays him with a gas that erases his memory, preventing him from completing his important defense project. The next day Steve and Bucky switch to their hero outfits and comb the Major’s neighborhood for clues. Bucky comes upon the Red Skull’s men robbing a bank and trails them to their hideout, where he is captured. Captain America bursts in and subdues the gang, whose loot was to finance sabotage, but the Red Skull gets away. Some days later, General Curtis and aircraft magnate John Maxon arrive at the fort to observe the tests of Maxon’s new bomber. The plane has been sabotaged however and crashes, killing the pilots. Steve becomes suspicious of Maxon’s reaction, almost as if he had expected the crash. Paying a visit to the general later, Captain America and Bucky interrupt the Red Skull’s attack on the housekeeper. Cap unmasks the villain as John Maxon, or more accurately, a Nazi look-alike. The Skull’s henchmen open fire on the heroes, enabling him to escape. Cap and Bucky discover they were next on the Red Skull’s hit list and in turn, put the villain high on their list.

Don Heck
Mickey Demeo
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Chic Stone (Cover Inker)
Stan Goldberg (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes

(James Barnes)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts

(Pepper Hogan)

Plus: Nazis, Red Skull (John Maxon).

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