The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1: Review

May 2018
Jason Aaron, ?

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At the Gates of Valhalla

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3.5 stars

The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 Review by (May 19, 2018)

Review: A nice pair of tales, though strictly unnecessary, to bridge the gap between the last series and the next. The two stories are presented with a great deal of humor, though in the Malekith one, the humor is very dark and bitter. One interesting note: Both tales have a central section with the main characters doing quite a bit of jumping around, the Goddesses in time, Malekith in space, both stories ending with Jane Foster. And they are promising the War of the Realms will be a big event next year—even though it seems as if the war has already been going on for years. Hmmm, the War began in the comics in 2013—so it will be six years in progress next year. Hmmm.

Comments: The Goddesses of Thunder were introduced in THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #8. The War of Realms began in that same title, issue #13.


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The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

“The Tomorrow Girls”

Writer: Jason Aaron. Art: Jen Bartel. Colors Matthew Wilson.

Synopsis: Thor's granddaughters from the distant future, the Goddesses of Thunder, put Thor to sleep and locate a chest full of time diamonds. While Ellisev ponders how to activate them, Atli yells “Take us to the Golden Age of Thor!” and they find themselves in a Viking village in the tenth century AD. Encountering trolls the Goddesses smite them mightily and ask to be taken where Thor is—and they are transported to Odin's castle. There they find young Thor trying in vain to lift Mjolnir. Several more tries take them to the 26th Century for a meeting with a bewildered future Thor and then back to prehistoric times when Odin wielded the hammer and then to meet the frog version of Thor. They then reach their own future where a Cosmic Thor fights a dark force that resembles Loki....

One last jump brings them to modern day New York where they finally meet the one they were looking for—a tired and sick Jane Foster. The trio are fans of Jane Thor and tell her how much they learned from studying her and encourage her to continue her battle with the cancer inside her. Jane has one last request and Frigg takes her flying through the air once more....

Back in their own time, they wonder if they did the right thing by not telling her about the coming War of the Realms and her part in it....

“The Lord of the Realms”

Writer: Jason Aaron. Art: Ramon Perez. Colors Matthew Wilson.

Synopsis: Malekith the Cursed visits his realm of Svartalfheim and informs a poor old woman that her son died heroically, killed by his own people for his bloodlust. When she asks for more food, Malekith advises her to eat the family of a cowardly warrior. As bloodshed breaks out behind him, the Dark Elf Lord uses his Black Bifrost to tour the other realms: War in the Realm of the Dwarves, an enormous baby in the Realm of the Giants, drinking Goblin Grog in the Realm of Fire, helping the Queen of Cinders conquer the Realm of the Dead, meeting with Roxxon CEO Dario Agger who is plundering the natural resources of Vanaheim, terrorizing the Light Elves in their Realm, and feasting with the (hostile) Queen of Heven. He recalls the fall of Asgardia and ends up in New York City, observing Jane Foster and laughing about the War coming to Midgard....

Matthew Wilson
Nicholas Derington (Cover Penciler)
Nicholas Derington (Cover Inker)
Nicholas Derington (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Goddesses of Thunder.

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