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The Mighty Thor #3: Review

Jun 2011
Matt Fraction, Olivier Coipel

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The Galactus Seed 3: The Stranger

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2 stars

The Mighty Thor #3 Review by (August 1, 2012)
Review: So what have we here? An angrier, more vulgar Thor (and his profanity and pigheadedness will increase); more soft-core porn shots of Sif; and worse, Volstagg mocks one of the central tenets of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus Christ (did they really need to go there?). And again, Baby Loki is the best part of the issue, mainly because he bears little resemblance to the Loki that has been in the series since 1963. Let’s just move on to the epic space battle….


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

The Mighty Thor #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

A fat and happy Volstagg has decided that his new mission will be to teach the people of Earth how to cook, so he sets off to bring enlightenment to Broxton. He arrives in town just as an impromptu street meeting of citizens has decided to deliver the message to the Asgardeans that the humans no longer feel safe with them around. Pastor Mike tells the unconcerned Volstagg that the town no longer wants anything to do with them. Volstagg shrugs and goes home….

In Asgard, Thor and the Silver Surfer battle violently until Odin calls a halt so the Herald may deliver his message. The message is that Galactus wants the Seed recovered from the root of Yggdrasil (issue #1), which is an artifact of the time-before-time and will sate Galactus’ hunger forever, thus saving uncountable worlds and civilizations from destruction…and Odin refuses. The All-Father seizes the Surfer by the neck, tells him he has been deceived and hurls him to the ground. The Surfer promises retaliation from his master and soars off into the sky. Odin explains to Thor that the true reason Galactus wants the Seed is that it will allow him to survive the next end of the universe, effectively granting him immortality and godhood….

Late one night, the boy Loki steals into Sif’s bedchamber while she sleeps and snips off a lock of her hair. The warrior woman awakens and threatens to kill the young trickster but is interrupted by Thor with news of the Asgardean strike force and Loki escapes. Later, as the clueless Volstagg tries to call Asgard to war against the men of Broxton, preparations are made in earnest for the coming cosmic conflict. The story ends with the strike force soaring into space to confront their superhuman foe….

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Olivier Coipel
Mark Morales
Laura Martin
Olivier Coipel (Cover Penciler)
Mark Morales (Cover Inker)
Laura Martin (Cover Colorist)


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Silver Surfer

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Warriors Three
Warriors Three

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