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The Mighty Thor #702: Review

Dec 2017
Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman

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The Last Days of the Mighty Thor

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The Mighty Thor #702 Review by (December 24, 2017)

Comments: Bannered “Marvel Legacy: The Death of the Mighty Thor.” The crowd attending Jane's challenge to Odin includes Sif, Fandral, Hogun, and Brunhilde.

Review: Poor Jane, things are really getting bad for her—but then this is “the death of the Mighty Thor” we're reading so it shouldn't come as any surprise. Jane Thor overexerts herself, thinking she can and should protect everyone everywhere and save all the innocent and defeat all the predatory monsters, but no one can do that. Even a Marvel superhero. Especially a Marvel superhero. Even Superman came to realize (in a 1960s comic, no less) that he can't solve everyone's problems and maybe he shouldn't have to. So Jan Thor is driving herself into exhaustion. Then Jane Jane does what she can: calling out Odin and telling him to get his leadership game back on track. The amazing thing is that Odin is a disappointment rather than totally evil, a rarity for Jason Aaron, making him sound almost devout. His theology—that the gods must show themselves worthy of worship—comes from the Dungeons and Dragons School of Divinity but the thought was nice. Anyway, the excitement hits hard next time as the Mangog invades Asgardia! Be there!


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The Mighty Thor #702 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from The Mighty Thor #702

Thor (Jane Foster) soars through the Ten Realms at war, saving whom she can and moving on to the next hotspot, unable to reach them all. She heads to a bar to meet Hercules, having to arm wrestle him to determine who is strongest before he will listen to what she has to say. The challenge is halted by Thor Odinson and they get down to business. Hercules agrees to warn Zeus and the other Olympians of what is coming and come to the aid of the Realms. With a kiss on her hand he departs....

Odinson takes Jane to Asgardia and shows her the gravely injured Volstagg, brutally beaten by Mangog last issue. Odinson also tells her of Mangog coming to judge the gods anew. But he tells Jane she must return to Midgard to undergo her cancer treatments because the world needs her as Thor and for herself. She hurls Mjolnir away and resumes her Jane Foster identity—and calls out Odin, demanding he answer her charges. A crowd gathers as she demands that the All-Father take his rightful leadership role in the War of the Realms; both his people and those on Earth need him. Cul Borson, Odin's villainous brother and regent, arrives and orders Jane out but the crowd sides with her, demanding that they be heard too. An angry Odin appears and rebukes her for her presumption but Jane will not back down. The ailing Freyja appears, having been strengthened by Jane's words; she insists the gods must be worthy of Jane at this time of crisis. Freyja looks around—and Jane has collapsed....

Heimdall stands in his place on the Rainbow Bridge, meditating on coming events—then suddenly, Mangog is upon him....

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Russell Dauterman
Russell Dauterman
Matthew Wilson
Russell Dauterman (Cover Penciler)
Russell Dauterman (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


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