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The Mighty Thor #19: Review

May 2017
Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman

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The Asgard/Shi'ar War, Part Five: To Face the Phoenix

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4 stars

The Mighty Thor #19 Review by (May 27, 2017)
Comments: The usual team of Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson did pages 1-10, 18; Valerio Schiti and Mat Lopes produced pages 11-17, 19-20. Mangog made his first appearance in THOR #154-157 and has been back periodically.

Review: Satisfying, if quirky, conclusion to the Asgard/Shi'ar War as the Shi'ar don't seem to be involved anymore and it's Thor versus the Phoenix Force. And there is a surprisingly light tone to the whole thing, which is always preferable to the heavy-handed type of story that Jason Aaron started us with. And there is a reminder of the War of the Realms that had been on hold for a few issues. And the last page reveal promises more complications to come. We'll see.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

The Mighty Thor #19 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

It's Jane Thor and Quentin Quire versus the Phoenix Force; the mutant boy tries to enter the force and commune with it (he's the Force's destiny) but is blocked. Then the Force communicates directly with Jane Foster in the shape of a flaming woman, offering to remove the burden of being Thor from her in exchange for Mjolnir. Instead, Jane materializes the hammer in her hand and clobbers Phoenix. Thor is back to full power, defying the Phoenix as Thor Odinson arrives to join his power to hers and drive her off...minus a bit of her that has attached itself to Quentin Quire....

In Omnipotence City, Thor delivers the Shi'ar gods, Sharra and K'ythri who are to be judged for their crimes against divine law. And the new Shi'ar god is appointed: Quentin Quire....

In Asgardia, the Asgardians and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard celebrate their victory. In the Congress of Worlds, however, Jane Foster, the Senator from Midgard, is forced to resign in view of her declining health. Cul Borson eagerly names her replacement (Sinthea Schmidt, daughter of the Red Skull) but Jane has already found her replacement: SHIELD Agent Roz Solomon.

Pleased that his distraction with the Shi'ar has served him well, Malekith takes Loki to Muspelheim (the realm of fire) to meet the Queen....

The Shi'ar all hail their new god, Quentin/Phoenix....

Thor Odinson demands to see his injured mother but he is denied entrance by Odin. Jane arrives to take Thor aside to tell her a story of her own i.e. the fact that she is the new Thor....

The Phoenix Force heads off on its own business, minus the bit that Quentin had absorbed. Still smarting from its defeat by Thor, the Force takes consolation in the fact that the ultimate judgment of all the gods has been released: the Mangog....

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Russell Dauterman
Russell Dauterman
Matthew Wilson
Russell Dauterman (Cover Penciler)
Russell Dauterman (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)

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