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The Unworthy Thor #4

February 2017
Jason Aaron

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War of the Unworthy

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4 stars

By Peter on February 13, 2017

Comments: Olivier Coipel draws the main story with Kim Jacinto on Present Day Thor, Frazer Irving for Young Thor, Esad Ribic for Worthy Thor, and Russell Dauterman for Unworthy Thor. Matthew Wilson, Matt Milla, and Frazer Irving divvy up the coloring duties.

Review: See full review at issue #1.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

A young Thor was seen to be obsessed with being worthy to pick up Mjolnir, with his mother Freyja counseling him to look within rather than without for true godhood.

Now Thor, and his allies Beta Ray Bill, hel-hound Thori, and the goat Toothgnasher are aboard the Collector's ship fighting Thanos' agents Black Swan and Proxima Midnight (and the Collector himself) for possession of Ultimate Thor's hammer. While this goes on, Thor recalls past experiences with the hammer and worthiness....

Many years ago he confided in Jane Foster that each time he must pick up the hammer he fears that this time he may not be worthy....

More recently, having lost Mjolnir, he refused to listen when the seriously ill Jane tried to convince him he didn't need a hammer to be a man....

Finally, he mounts Toothgnasher, sends Thori ahead of him and, his mind full of the whispered words that rendered him unworthy, he redeems himself in his own mind by finally laying a hand on the desired hammer....

The Unseen approves....  


Jason Aaron
Olivier Coipel (Cover Penciler)
Olivier Coipel (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)