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Thor #392: Review

Jun 1988
Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz

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Quicksand Kills

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4 stars

Thor #392 Review by (December 15, 2020)

Review: “Who should Thor fight in the next issue?” “How about Sandman?” “Overused—unless you come up with a gimmick.” “How about making him a hot babe?” “Brilliant!” Quicksand is new and cool but hardly original. The real cool part of the tale is that they are laying the groundwork for some more complex character stuff for Eric to agonize over when he takes over the title such as the child custody battle, the potential love interest in Susan, and the odd frenemy Jackie. We’ll see where this goes in its time. For now, it’s “Thor versus Sandman—now with breasts!”

Comments: Part one of two parts. First appearances of Kevin Masterson (the future second Thunderstrike) and Susan Austin. First appearance of Jackie Lukus who becomes Bloodaxe in issue #450. First appearance of Quicksand.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #392 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Transported from Asgard, Hogun the Grim crashes down in Central Park; confused by his trip, he sees the surrounding people as monsters and escapes, causing a great deal of mayhem along the way….

In Asgard, Volstagg and Fandral are wondering if their comrade is safe; the Grand Vizier shows them a brazier that will burn as long as Hogun lives. Balder is not optimistic….

In New York, Aloysius P. Jamesly is panicking about the loss of his building (last issue) until reminded of the insurance. But Sigurd Jarlson (Thor in disguise) and Jerry Sapristi are now out of a job so they head over to meet with Eric Masterson who may be able to employ them. They meet Eric’s assistant Susan Austin and his son Kevin Masterson for whom Eric is engaged in a battle for custody. Thor detects serious pain and anguish in Eric’s future….

Meanwhile, Hogun is single-handedly fighting off a SWAT team and the noise of the conflict comes to the ears of Matt Murdock….

Eric brings Sigurd and Jerry to a nuclear plant surrounded by protesters where Eric is bidding on the contract to erect an office building. Eric discovers that he will be bidding against Jackie Lukus, a flirtatious competitor. Outside, Quicksand arrives and smashes the front gates in with a sandstorm. Sigurd transform into Thor and takes on Quicksand who encases him in concrete and blinds him with a sandstorm. Thor fights off this attack with rain and engages her in a battle with fists, to keep her solid….

Downtown, Daredevil attacks Hogun but the Asgardian hero sees him as another armored monster and DD is in the fight of his life….

The Thor/Quicksand battle crashes into the building. Q takes Eric and Jackie hostage demanding that Thor throw away his hammer. He does and she starts forcing sand into his nose and mouth to smother him….

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Ron Frenz
Al Milgrom
Christie Scheele
Ron Frenz (Cover Penciler)
Brett Breeding (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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(Balder the Brave)

(Matt Murdock)

(Hogun the Grim)


Plus: Aloysius P. Jamesly, Jackie Lukus, Kevin Masterson, Quicksand, Susan Austin.

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