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Thunderbolts #8: Review

Dec 2016
Jim Zubkavich, Jon Malin

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No going back part 2: Should I stay or should I go

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4 stars

Thunderbolts #8 Review by (January 12, 2017)
Ghost was a Thunderbolt from Norman Osborn's Dark Reign team. He remained after that and a long way into their rename as the 2nd Dark Avengers. He was last seen being used to break into Tony Stark's private lab in Iron Man (2015) #11.


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Thunderbolts #8 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The Thunderbolts, with reluctant returnee Songbird, have broken into a SHIELD holding facility to rescue their leader Winter Soldier. They easily deal with the 1st line of defenders and then split up.

Mach-X and Moonstone go to disable the secondary generators but take a wrong turn and run into Maria Hill. Mach-X douses her with sleep gas. As she's going under she offers Abner Jenkins a pardon if he'll tell her where Kobik is. Then the duo head off in the right direction.

Atlas, Fixer and Songbird want to go down to where Bucky Barnes is held. Atlas breaks into a lift shaft and Songbird uses her sonics to destroy some defences. Then they drop to the bottom. But when Fixer gets the door open they find themselves facing Captain America (Steve Rogers).

Back at Thunderbolts' Arctic HQ Kobik, the Cosmic Cube in the shape of a little girl, is amusing herself when she hears something. She dismisses it as a mouse but we see that it is the Ghost phasing through walls.

Back at the fight Cap is determined not to let the 'Bolts further 'corrupt' his pal Bucky. Fixer retorts that they work for him to further his cause. Then the lights go out as M&M take out the generators. Norbert Ebersol leaves to get Barnes now that all the defences are down.

Rogers is disappointed that Melissa Gold has rejoined her old team of 'villains' after her recent stint with the New Avengers. Atlas saves her from justifying herself by punching Cap through a wall - while apologising because he's a good guy really. Songbird is worried but it takes more than that to harm Captain America.

Cap takes Atlas down with a carefully-judged kick to the throat. He also makes a pardon offer involving Kobik - to Songbird, but she strikes back. She says that SHIELD is corrupt and she's not leaving Winter Soldier in their clutches. And Fixer arrives with the man in question, who rejects Steve's hand and exits with the 'Bolts.

When they get back to their jet Songbird syas she's not coming with them. But Abner talks her into it because SHIELD will be after her now.

Fixer detects tracking devices in WS's cyborg arm. (This is probably why Cap let him go so easily.) They won't have time to extract them before SHIELD finds them. The next page shows the jet leaving, and Cap finding Bucky's torn-off arm on the ground.

Jon Malin
Jon Malin
Matt Yackey
Jon Malin (Cover Penciler)
Jon Malin (Cover Inker)
Matt Yackey (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

Plus: Ancient One, Atlas.

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