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U.S. Agent #1: Review

Nov 2020
Christopher Priest, Georges Jeanty

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American Zealot Chapter One: Legend

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3.5 stars

U.S. Agent #1 Review by (February 9, 2021)

Review: A new miniseries for U.S. Agent? Why not? Maybe because no one likes him? Yes, John Walker, the Captain America who disgraced the shield by his violent semi-fascist ways, is back and still being obnoxious. This time, though, they’re playing it for humor, pairing him with a sardonic foil and popping them into an unlikely situation. Whether this series turns out to be good depends on the direction it takes: if it’s mission where Walker can face his demons and rise above them to do his country a service, this may be okay. If it’s just a platform to make him look like a redneck idiot so the creators can demonstrate how woke they are, probably not. We’ll have to see, won’t we?

Comments: First appearance of Morrie Watanabe; first appearance of John Walker’s sister Kate Tolifson, though apparently she has been mentioned before. The little girl’s password is a quote from Dante’s Divine Comedy. The movie on television appears to be BARBARELLA.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

U.S. Agent #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In Ephraim, West Virginia, a coal mining town was impoverished when the coal company closed up; then Virago entered, a massive online distribution hub opened up—but the town wasn’t saved, as Virago brought in all of their own people and gave nothing to the town. Then U.S. Agent arrived to help but that resulted in a huge crater in the ground….

The locals set off a bomb at Virago and a bored bureaucrat in Omaha, knowing that Virago was a front for the defunct SHIELD and wanting to annoy Valerie Cooper, had U.S. Agent sent to investigate….

In Mount Vernon, New York, a series of pizza delivery guys arrive at a house, are interrogated by the paranoid occupant, and locked in the basement. Then Morrie Watanabe shows up with a delivery; he gets the drop on John Walker, U.S. Agent, who was expecting trouble, and hurls the ex-Cap into the basement. Agent attacks Morrie who clobbers him with a series of slick kung fu moves, knocking him through a wall. When things settle down, they share the pizza while watching TV. Walker reveals he has been warned about a bomb concealed in a pizza box and he is trying to protect the homeowner. Finally, the suspicious pizza guy speeds to a stop at the house so Walker throws his shield, smashing the car’s engine—and the shield. Walker drags the guy out of the car, only to be interrupted by a kid asking for an autograph. U.S. Agent is initially rude to him but thinks better of it and gives the kid his damaged shield. A little girl, who in a flash reminds him of his kid sister, gives a password; when U.S. Agent responds with the correct countersign, she gives him an object….

U.S. Agent boards his aircraft, accompanied by Morrie who is having fun for the first time in years and they bicker about Walker’s racist assumptions about Morrie (he’s Japanese, not Chinese) and other stuff. They arrive at the Virago plant where their aircraft is captured by a tractor beam and they escape aboard a motorcycle to face a squad of armored soldiers. The soldiers stop the bike and the leader covers U.S. Agent with a gun and removes her helmet to reveal John Walker’s sister Katie….

Georges Jeanty
Karl Story
Matt Milla
Marco Checchetto (Cover Penciler)
Marco Checchetto (Cover Inker)
Marco Checchetto (Cover Colorist)


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Kate Tolifson, Morrie Watanabe, U.S. Agent (John Walker).

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