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Uncanny Avengers #21: Review

Jun 2014
Rick Remender, Daniel Acuna

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Avenge the Earth part four

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4 stars

Uncanny Avengers #21 Review by (July 13, 2014)
That granted, the group Iron Man assembled to try to stop Exitar is much as in #16. Bruce Banner was also in the science gang, and they used Hulk's strength as part of their plan. Dr Strange's proposed away team here includes Captain Britain, Falcon, Hyperion, Iron Patriot, Sub-Mariner from #16. But Cannonball, Captain Marvel, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Machine Man, Spider-Man and Sunspot have been added, and we've lost Talisman and a mystery female who may have been Sabra. We see X-Men Beast, Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke and Storm. The 4th Horseman of Apocalypse Banshee is correctly missing as he was disabled by Wasp in #13. Similarly Stryfe of the Kang Corps was killed by magneto last issue. But they are both included in the dramatis personae on page 1 here. And I note that at last the Abomination Deathlok actually *does* something. There's at least 1 thing wrong with the Unity Squad's plan. If Exitar was going to destroy the Earth because of the murder of 1 or more Celestials, won't the Celestials be even angrier now?

The misleading cover has Iron Man 2020 and Venom of the Kang Corps working *with* the Unity Squad to defeat a giant hand. Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man in bed together knowing that Wanda doesn't actually intend to go through with the Apocalypse Twins' plan places this at the end of #13. How does the rest tie in:- Wolverine is correctly with Rogue and Sunfire. Logan told them at the end of #13 that Wanda was going to help the Twins. But the future Logan and Shiro consciousnesses have obviously told Rogue the truth. The problem is the current Logan body was in such a bad way that Rogue borrowed his powers to go after Wanda - but now his body's OK. If it's #13, then Captain America was with Havok, and *his* future self probably told Cap what would happen (before going to join Sunfire and Wolverine here). Wasp was facing Sentry, but Thor was still on his way back from a distant galaxy and wouldn't reach them until #15. And Exitar also didn't actually turn up until #15, after Rogue killed Scarlet Witch (and died herself along with Wonder Man). But the events of #13-16 happened in a very short period, so it is possible that this version of them unfurls while the Unity Squad is getting sorted out.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Uncanny Avengers #21 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Kang sent the consciousnesses of Havok, Sunfire, Thor, Wasp and Wolverine back from the future to their bodies in the present to stop the Apocalypse Twins' plan to destroy Earth and all humans while taking all mutants away to Planet X.

Simon Williams and Wanda Maximoff are lying in bed together in the Apocalypse Twins' Ark hoping that their plan to betray the Twins and 'rapture' a horde of mutants to attack then will work. Suddenly Wolverine bursts in with Rogue and Sunfire. Future Logan and Shiro have come back to stop Rogue from killing Scarlet Witch. And to warn Wanda that Twin Eimin knows what she's planning, and intends to use it to her advantage.

The Celestial Exitar the Exterminator is about to destroy Earth as punishment for the death of at least 1 Celestial (all part of the Twins' plan), and Iron Man has gathered a group of heroes (and 1 villain) to stop him. Dr Doom, Vision and what must be Henry Pym (because Hulk is standing with Dr Strange and others) are working on a barrier to keep Exitar away. Dr Strange is going to lead a team to attack the Celestial directly.

But Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man arrive to tell them both plans will fail. The future guys must have convinced Captain America of what they knew, because he's come along to add weight to their argument. And despite some resentment from Iron Man at Cap taking over, everyone agrees to a new plan:- Rogue will absorb everybody's powers. (It appears that the Uncanny Avengers/Unity Squad don't tell Tony Stark and the others the source of their knowledge.)

Meanwhile Apocalypse Horseman Daken reports to Eimin and Uriel that Wonder Man and the Witch have gone. Because events aren't now going the way Eimin foresaw, she deduces that someone must have broken through the Tachyon Dam they set up to keep time-travellers away. And it's probably their adoptive father and hated enemy Kang. But they check with another Horseman Grim Reaper who's guarding the Dam, and he reports it's still running.

(Actually Havok and Wasp destroyed the Dam in the future, letting Kang in then. And Kang's allies sent consciousnesses back rather than physical bodies (thus sidestepping the Dam?).)

Reaper is expecting Wasp to try to destroy the Dam, as per Eimin's prediction, and he knows she wouldn't kill him to get past him. But instead he faces Havok, Sunfire and Wolverine - and Logan at least will have no such compunction. And as the Reaper drops out of communication, Uriel discovers that Jarnbjorn is missing - Thor's axe that they used to kill Celestials.

Dr Strange and Scarlet Witch transport Rogue to Westchester where Rogue adds X-Men to her store of powers. Then she soars into space to stop the descending foot of Exitar. (If it touches the ground it will break through Earth's crust and eventually destroy the planet.)

This is only 1 part of the plan. Cap contacts Wasp and learns that Thor has convinced insane Horseman Sentry to help. He joins Rogue and holds back the Celestial's other foot. Meanwhile Thor attacks with Jarnbjorn and slices open Exitar's neck. As his energies bleed out Thor's hammer teleports them to rejuvenate a dying star and save a civilisation. The Earth is saved too.

Meanwhile again, Havok and Sunfire wreck the Tachyon Dam. And Kang and his Corps come from outside time. Suddenly, as we suspected all along, we find that this was all Kang's plan (devised with his own sense of honour to cause his opponents to engineer their own defeat). The Abomination Deathlok seizes Thor and plunges them both into the energy spewing from Exitar's wound. 5 other Corps members (except Stryfe) appear to threaten Iron Man's team. And Kang drinks Exitar energy and proclaims himself Conqueror of the Universe.

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Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Dean White
Daniel Acuna (Cover Penciler)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Inker)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.
Editor: Daniel Ketchum.


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Plus: Ahab, Apocalypse Twins, Deathlok (Abomination), Doctor Doom 2099, Exitar (Exitar the Executioner), Grim Reaper (Eric Williams), Havok (Alex Summers), Iron Man 2020, Magistrate Braddock, Sunfire, Venom (Earth X).

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