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Uncanny Inhumans #14: Review

Oct 2016
Charles Soule, Kim Jacinto

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4 stars

Uncanny Inhumans #14 Review by (November 3, 2016)
The Inhumans are complicated these days.

Medusa took over ruling the Inhumans (again) after her ex-husband Black Bolt unleashed the Terrigen Cloud during the Infinity event. That situation continued after the post Secret Wars III reboot, but now BB lives in the Quiet Room club - the equivalent to the 1 he used in SWIII's Battleworld.

The Terrigen Cloud created lots of new Inhumans (Nuhumans) including Flint, Grid, Inferno, Iso, Naja, Nur and Ms Marvel.

Then there are Inhumans like Lash and Reader from the hidden city Orollan which was revealed in Infinity. Lash has been recruiting Nuhumans in opposition to Medusa.

Ennilux are another Inhuman tribe which formed a corporation. Black Bolt & Medusa's son Ahura was elected head of the company in #7.

Lineage was a mobster who was transformed into a Nuhuman in Thunderbolts (2013) #17. He was a schemer in the Inhuman series culminating in their Annual where he was imprisoned (not killed as it seemed).

The Unspoken was the Inhuman king before BB, who had him written out of history. We 1st met him in Mighty Avengers #27-31. He also schemed against Medusa in the Inhumanity and Inhuman series and was imprisoned in #6 of the latter.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Uncanny Inhumans #14 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Civil War II #2 Iron Man abducted the Inhuman precog Ulysses. In #11 of this series Medusa retaliated with moves that damaged Tony Stark''s belongings without harming anybody, but Triton wasn''t satisfied with that and conspired with Maximus to destroy Stark Tower. In #12-13 Maximus also got Lash''s rebel Inhuman group to destroy a Stark facility in Switzerland, and blame it on Medusa. Captain Marvel and the Ultimates came to arrest Medusa as she surveyed the destruction. New Attilan was in defensive mode, but Maximus sneaked in last issue and deactivated the defences. And at the end of last issue a load of Iron Man armours attacked it.

The armours are being controlled remotely by Tony Stark with help from his AI Friday. The main attack is on the throne room, currently occupied by Karnak and Black Bolt. Black Bolt was injured in the initial strike and is now surrounded by a force field specifically designed to reflect his vocal power back at him. But Karnak is taking down drones by striking their weak points, as he does, and then escapes down a lift shaft.

1 of the drone armours sits on the throne and other drones feed it with energy which creates another force dome, this time over the whole city. Stark announces via a drone that the forcefield even prevents teleportation through it (so much for Lockjaw). He says he''ll leave Attilan in peace when they give him Medusa.

But Medusa isn''t there. She''s currently with her son Ahura and they''re watching events probably from Ennilux, the company Ahura runs.

Triton and Maximus are trapped inside Attilan at ground level. This has all gone much further than Triton intended, but Maximus is enjoying the chaos. Triton threatens him but mad Max threatens back with his power of mind control. Which he never used in this whole storyline because he prefers to let people make a mess their own way. Triton leaves to help the other Inhumans.

An important group are gathered in the central atrium. Medusa left Iso in charge of defence, which she hasn''t done too well so far. Reader tries to console her. Ms Marvel thinks Tony won''t hurt them, but Grid wonders if the AI in his drones knows that. Iso wonders where Black Bolt is until Karnak arrives to update them on events - and tells her she must fight back.

He says he can advise them of the drones'' weaknesses, but people won''t follow him. She has Medusa''s delegated authority so she must be the 1 to lead. And she starts by using her pressure power to repel the drones in the room and form a barrier around her people there.

As the drones try blast through she gives a rousing speech about how Attilan gave refuge to her and many others who were recently Inhumanised by the Terrigen Cloud. Now it''s time to pay it back. When the drones get in they are met by a large resistance. (As well as those mentioned above we see Flint, Inferno, Naja and others we probably don''t know.)

Karnak then reveals that this is but a distraction in his plan while he, Iso, Grid and Inferno head for the throne room. A Hulkbuster armour bars the way until Triton lands on its head and disables it with his swords. Then they start destroying the drones that are creating the forcefield.

Against Friday''s advice Stark is about to send all his other armours into the battle. But then Medusa arrives in an Ennilux attack zeppelin with Ahura and Nur. She calls for a halt to the fighting just as Stark''s shield fails (including the 1 holding Black Bolt).

Medusa talks to Tony via 1 of his drone armours. She refuses to surrender because she claims that the building attacks that killed people weren''t her doing. She thinks it was Maximus. Stark thinks that''s an awfully convenient excuse, even when the Inhuman Queen adds that Carol Danvers has Lash in custody. But then Triton confesses his part in the scheme.

He surrenders to Stark, and the IM armours leave. But Maximus escapes by boat with freed prisoners Lineage and the Unspoken.

Kim Jacinto
Kim Jacinto
Antonio Fabela
Ryan Stegman (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Stegman (Cover Inker)
Richard Isanove (Cover Colorist)


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