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Uncanny X-Men #112: Review

Aug 1978
Chris Claremont, John Byrne

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Magneto Triumphant!

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5 stars

Uncanny X-Men #112 Review by (July 10, 2024)

Review: The new X-Men fight Magneto for the second time, and he absolutely trounces them once again. It’s truly a sight to behold. Magneto takes them apart, with some really creative and interesting uses for his powers, something that Claremont and Byrne are great at conveying. The presentation is also phenomenal, in typical great John Byrne fashion. The most interesting part is Magneto actually being able to overpower Phoenix, after she reaches an apparent limit on her powers. While some might think of this as plot armor or an inconsistency, it’s actually quite intentional. Claremont has been presenting Jean as being scared of being corrupted by her new power and so this is another example of Jean subtly limiting herself, almost unconsciously, when she fears the power is affecting her too much. A similar occurrence happened when she was easily overcome by Warhawk a couple of issues ago. Clever stuff by Claremont, and all in service of future stories.

While Magneto is still not quite as nuanced as he soon will be, he’s also not as moustache-twirling as his last appearance, coming across as much more regal and distinguished. Still, the intimidation factor alone makes him a phenomenal villain here. He’s after simple payback, his pride bruised from being turned into an infant, for which he partly blames Xavier, and so he decides to do the same, in a more metaphorical sense, to his beloved students. This is just devious, with the X-Men trapped in chairs that render them unable to move, speak, or use their powers, as helpless as infants. It’s a little hard to see later Magneto, more at ideological odds with the X-Men rather than actively wanting them dead or anything, pulling this stunt. This is going out of his way to specifically torture them. It’s the last vestiges of pure evil villain Magneto, and although his later character depth is appreciated, this is still super cool and captivating, ending with quite the cliffhanger!

Comments: Magneto mentions not knowing Mesmero, despite having teamed up with him in X-Men #58, revealing that that Magneto was a robot.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Uncanny X-Men #112 Synopsis by Anthony Silvestro

Picking right up from last issue, the X-Men, after getting free of Mesmero’s brainwashing, have found themselves face to face with Magneto! Cyclops plans to try and regroup, to figure out what Magneto has up his sleeve. He orders Nightcrawler to scout ahead outside and not a moment after he teleports, the others hear him yelp in surprise! Colossus rips the door off to discover that Magneto has been transporting the entire carriage they’ve been in the whole time, and Nightcrawler just barely managed to grab onto the stair in time. Wolverine itches to attack Magneto but Cyclops holds him back, reasoning that Magneto’s power is what’s keeping them in the air. Cyclops then simply asks why Magneto has come for them, and why now.

Magneto simply repeats that he has unfinished business with the X-Men, and recounts how he went to the mansion, only to find it deserted. When Beast arrived to find the very same thing, Magneto simply followed Beast to where he had tracked the X-Men. Surprised at their predicament, he had enough once he saw Mesmero attempting to brainwash Beast and took care of them both. With the flying carriage now over the Andes Mountains, two fighter jets come upon it, unable to believe what they’re seeing. They then spot Mesmero being lowered to the ground by Magneto, in a controlled but painful landing and resort to picking him up after having lost the confusing bogey. Finally, the carriage reaches Magneto’s base, hidden beneath a volcano in Antarctica.  Magneto lowers the carriage safely through the molten lava and into his base, before shattering the entire carriage, causing the X-Men to plummet to the floor, with Wolverine landing particularly hard.

Cyclops takes the lead, blasting Magneto and hoping he can work in the others as they go. Magneto tanks a hit from Colossus before easily flinging him away and sending a static charge through Beast when he tries to attack. Storm whips up a ferocious blizzard that batters at Magneto, almost taking him out. However, she holds back at the last second, not wanting to kill him, and he capitalizes on it, blasting her as well. Nightcrawler looks upon the carnage and feels he has no real chance against Magneto but tries anyway. Nightcrawler gets blasted up at the same rate Colossus is being lowered down. Colossus realizes that the impact with his steel body will kill Kurt and so resorts to turning back to normal, leaving them to collide and fall to the ground hard, defeated. Banshee swoops in, avoiding being covered in iron flakes like last time. However, Magneto manipulates the walls to warp Banshee’s own scream back at him, and he falls too.

Cyclops blasts at Magneto, frustrated that they didn’t act as a team, as Magneto takes him out as well. With just Phoenix left, she assaults Magneto with her considerable power, until she reaches an apparent limit and Magneto creates a bottle effect with his magnetic powers, drawing the energy right out of Phoenix. Just then, Wolverine comes to and slashes at Magneto, but only manages to tag his cape. Magneto then quite literally makes Wolverine knock himself out and revels in his decisive victory over his foes. When the X-Men awaken later, they find themselves strapped to chairs that render them immobile, unable to use their powers or even speak, almost as if they were helpless infants. Magneto introduces Nanny, a robot built to attend to their basic needs. The X-Men then realize what Magneto’s ultimate goal is, for them to experience what he experienced when he was reduced to an infant, to be helpless and afraid, trapped there with nothing they can do about it! To be continued!

John Byrne
Terry Austin
Mary Titus
George Perez (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Bruce Patterson.


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(Sean Cassidy)

(Hank McCoy)

(Piotr Rasputin)

(Scott Summers)

(Kurt Wagner)

(Jean Grey)

(Ororo Munroe)

(James Howlett)

Plus: Mesmero.

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