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Sep 2016
Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta

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You and I were born for better things

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4 stars

Vision #11 Review by (October 2, 2016)
Vision and Scarlet Witch used to be married. Vision's mind is based on the brain pattern of Simon Williams who became Wonder Man, who Wanda had a relationship with after her marriage broke up. Coincidentally in this issue we see actor Simon starring in a film as Omega the Unknown, who appears to speak to Vision from the screen.

This is another example of unexplained changes in the post-Secret Wars world. Before SecW Wonder Man's ionic energy was dispersed and he only 'existed' within Rogue.

Omega the Unknown was a character who briefly had his own series in 1976-77 which ended in his death (never repealed).

Grim Reaper was Simon Williams' brother who hated Vision. He's been killed several times before, the last time by Rogue. But he was resurrected again by the Apocalypse Twins and was still alive when SecW happened. I wonder how long he'll stay dead this time.

Vision was created as a 'son' by the robot Ultron. Victor Mancha was a cyborg also created by Ultron and as such is Vision's brother. He débuted in Runaways vol 2 #1 when dying Gertrude Yorkes came back from the future to warn her old team that Victor would become Victorius who would kill the Avengers. They tried to steer him away him from that destiny.

Agatha Harkness is someone else who has been resurrected into the post-SecW world. She was killed by mad Scarlet Witch back in Avengers Disassembled. But at least in this series and the current Scarlet Witch she's only a ghost I think.

This series is not part of Civil War II but the plotline about Agatha Harkness predicting that Vision would kill the Avengers which causes them to send Victor to spy on him which in turn causes the very Avengers/Vision confrontation she foresaw is similar to the stories around some of Ulysses' visions in CWII.

The heroes seen here are:- the other ANAD Avengers (Captain America (Sam Wilson), Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Nova, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Thor (Jane Foster)), the Ultimates (Black Panther, Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, Ms America and Spectrum), Inhumans (Medusa, Crystal and ally Beast), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Dr Strange.


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Vision #11 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue keeps switching between Vision and Virginia, but I have separated the 2 strands out.

Vision created a synthezoid wife Virginia with the brain pattern of Scarlet Witch. And children Vin and Viv with brain patterns with aspects of both. And a synthezoid dog Sparky to complete his family. But things didn't go well.

Virginia is talking to Viv in their kitchen. In a stammering voice she tells her daughter that Vision has gone to kill 'Uncle' Victor Mancha. Whether he succeeds or not she believes that they will be shut down as too dangerous to live.

She also admits that she caused the death of her daughter's friend Chris Kinzky (in #4) when his father Leon blackmailed her over the death of Grim Reaper (who attacked Ginny and the kids in #1). Angry Viv flees the house.

Left alone with the dog Virginia goes berserk with grief and kills Sparky. She sees that the dog has swallowed some petals of the Wundagore Everbloom. She takes 1 from his 'stomach' and eats it. This fulfils the conditions for the plant to show you the future. (Ginny had in earlier issues explored the memories of the Scarlet Witch, and this was 1 of the things she found there.)

Meanwhile Vision faces a gathering of heroes out to stop him. Victor has been arrested concerning the deaths of Vin and neighbours George and Nora Knowles (which Victor did actually cause in #9), which happened while he was spying on Vision for the Avengers. The synthezoid is here to exact revenge for his son.

Iron Man is 1st up to bat with a portable shield generator to contain the android, but Vizh blasts him unconscious before he can use it. Thor is next, but V lets Mjolnir ghost through him and then goes super-dense to slam the Thunder Goddess to the ground. Captain Marvel and Beast double-team but get the patented ghost-fist-through-the chest routine. Vision blasts Medusa and throws Nova at Captain America (Sam Wilson). Black Panther gets another chest-fist, and the 2 Spider-Men are hurled away. (We don't see what happened to the other heroes.)

Finally Vision enters Victor's cell to kill him. But Scarlet Witch comes with the astral form of Agatha Harkness by her side in a last ditch attempt to talk him out of it. Wanda points out that Vision defeating his friends was the precognitive vision that Agatha got from the Wundagore Everbloom. (Which is what caused the Avengers to send Mancha to watch him, which led to everything else.) But his ex-wife adds that the vision showed that Vizh killing Victor would be the line he could never uncross. But Vision gently renders her unconscious with a mild version of his ghost-fist trick. AH leaves weeping.

Now he's alone with his son's killer. Victor is ready to accept his 'punishment'. But then Virginia ghosts up through the floor and plucks his cybernetic heart out. Her voice has lost its stammer. She has saved her husband from the consequences of his plan. Victor dies content because now he won't become the future Victorius who destroys the future Avengers including his Runaways friend Gertrude Yorkes.

Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Jordie Bellaire
Mike del Mundo (Cover Penciler)
Mike del Mundo (Cover Inker)
Mike del Mundo (Cover Colorist)


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Black Panther
Black Panther

Iron Man
Iron Man

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Plus: Grim Reaper (Eric Williams).

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