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Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2: Review

Dec 1982
Bill Mantlo, Rick Leonardi

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Faith of Our Fathers

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4.5 stars

Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2 Review by (October 26, 2020)

Review: A very touchy-feely issue as Robert Frank learns the truth about his family relations in time to die for his son. But it falls short of being maudlin, probably because of Wanda’s assurance that they treated him as a father, while the autistic Robert Jr., an exceedingly dangerous mutant, learns of his father’s love. But it’s also an action-filled issue cutting back and forth among the flashbacks with a very creative use of panel size and placement. Kinda cool.

Comments: Nuklo first appeared in GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #1 and AVENGERS ANNUAL #6 before causing trouble for the Thing and various guest stars in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #54-58 (the Project Pegasus Saga). Isbisa was introduced in ALL-WINNERS COMICS #19, September 1946; this is his second (but not last) appearance. Pietro and Wanda learned that Robert Frank is not their father in AVENGERS #185-187. And yes, Robert “Whizzer” Frank is dead; all subsequent appearances are set in the Golden Age or other earlier era. Ian Akin and Brian Garvey share the inking chores.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The story starts in the middle of an action scene as the damaged Vision surveys a possibly dead Scarlet Witch and Whizzer, while a villain drains power from Nuklo. Vision flashes back….

Vision and Wanda are visited by Robert Frank, formerly the Whizzer, asking their help in regaining custody of his son Robert Jr. a/k/a Nuklo. She contacts her brother Quicksilver for advice, admitting she can’t bring herself to tell Frank that she is not really his daughter as it would devastate him. She suggests that if Mr. Frank can get his son back, they can live in Attilan with the Inhumans who can search for a cure for Nuklo’s affliction (extreme radiation). Crystal agrees and Pietro promises to take it up with Black Bolt….

Wanda and Vision accompany Mr. Frank to the hospital to pick up his son in accord with a court ruling. Hospital personnel think he would be better off remaining there in “the Nursery,” a protective bubble, receiving the best of care and being studied by radiologists. Dr. I.S. Bischoff, head of the Nursery has been able to penetrate Nuklo’s autism and tells Mr. Frank that they are close to a cure for his radioactivity. Bischoff has been draining Nuklo’s radiation…and channeling it into himself. Bischoff is really Isbisa, an enemy of the Whizzer’s from the 1940s who has been waiting this long for revenge. A battle follows, during which Wanda confesses to Whizzer that she is not his daughter but grew to love him like one; Whizzer then tells the confused Nuklo that he is his father and he can trust Vision and Scarlet Witch like siblings. In the battle, Isbisa melts Vision’s hand, blasts Wanda across the room, while Whizzer suffers a massive heart attack fighting his enemy. As Isbisa siphons energy directly from Nuklo, Vision cuts off his damaged arm, and revives Wanda. The Witch blasts the villain with her hex power, destroying his protective garb; Isbisa releases all of the energy and the shock drains all energy from both Nuklo and Isbisa, leaving them normal humans. The police take the baddie away and Robert Jr. learns his father is dead, having given his life to save his son….

Rick Leonardi
Bob Sharen
Rick Leonardi (Cover Penciler)
Joe Rubinstein (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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(Pietro Maximoff)
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch

(Wanda Maximoff)

Plus: Isbisa, Luna, Nuklo, Whizzer (Golden Age).

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