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War Machine #10: Review

Oct 2009
Greg Pak, Allan Jefferson

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4 stars

War Machine #10 Review by (August 9, 2012)
Dark Reign is at last back on the cover. But there are still no issue titles. Comic Book DB also doesn't make this issue part of any story arc. But I consider it the end of Homeland, and a bridge to War Crimes starting next issue.

Morgan Stark is seen at the beginning of the issue. This is his last appearance to date.

Bethany Cabe and Jake Oh's armours have been renamed since #8. They are no longer War Machine 2.0 and 3.0, but WM Armored Support 01 and 02.

The Avengers Mockingbird, Ronin, Tigra and Wonder Man exit the series this issue.
Mockingbird and Ronin head back to the New Avengers. Ronin joins most of them for Ms Marvel #41-42 as Carol Danvers returns to fight Moonstone for the title. Then our couple are with the team for the last issue (#50) of the current Captain America run. Ronin gets involved in the schemes of the 1-man Zodiac in DR:Z#2 and Mocky attends Thing's wedding in FF#569. Then the NAv reconvene for their #51-54.
Pregnant Tigra returns to the Initiative in Av:I#25, but escapes when Norman Osborn demands her half-Skrull baby for experiments. She joins the New Warriors and renames them the Avengers Resistance.
Wonder Man will feature with his brother Grim Reaper in DR: Lethal Legion. Their group opposes Osborn's Dark Av, but Norman secretly arranges it to make his team look good.

Between now and #11 Osborn also manages to fit in a minor appearance in Captain America (2004) #48 with his DAv, then worries about the arrival of Hulk's son Skaar on Earth in Planet Skaar: Prologue and Skaar Son of Hulk #11. Another cameo in Captain Britain and MI13 #13 is followed by Iron Patriot and the DAv in Thor #600 as Loki gets Thor banished from Asgard. Then he reshuffles the Initiative in Av:I#25 (with Tigra), and he and Hulk share Agents of Atlas v2 #8.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

War Machine #10 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Norman Osborn as Iron Patriot has just effectively saved the world by showing Ultimo that even he had a good side. Now he has a baby Ultimo to bring up in his own image.

War Machine appears to be having a heart attack but Osborn won't let his allies Suzi Endo and Glenda Sandoval help him. Instead he has James Rhodes put in the van with the proto-Ultimo. His scientists will find out how War Machine's technology-assimilation works.

But Rhodey was only pretending to be ill. Once in the armoured transport he uses his tech-power to convert it into a giant armour for himself, and a plane for Suzi to take the baby Ultimo away. He also sends Mockingbird, Ronin, Tigra and Wonder Man off on other tasks.

Iron Patriot attacks the giant War Machine. But he has figured out how to block Rhodey's method of adding bits to his armour, and starts to whittle away at him. Rhodey himself blocks Glenda and her husband Parnell Jacobs' attempts to call the other crew members Bethany Cabe and Jake Oh for help. As HAMMER forces join Iron Patriot.

Bethany and Jake are on other missions in their alternate War Machine suits. Jake is arresting a Louisiana Sherrif William Sampleson for killing hurricane refugees (he got rid of the recorded evidence but War Machine's technology found it). Beth is freeing mistreated immigration detainees in California. Also Mockingbird and Ronin are exposing a crooked insurance company in New Mexico, and Wonder Man is closing down a toxic pig farm in Utah. They put the results online. More follow, like a chemical company dumping mercury, and the sale of salmonella-infected peanut butter.

Victoria Hand reports all this to Osborn mid-fight. He taunts Rhodes with extending his losing battle to distract him from his friends' futile antics. But Rhodey says he's been playing for time while he cracked HAMMER's codes. If his intent was to take over the HAMMER troopers' armour, it fails and they and Osborn blast his armour off, leaving only his limbless cyborg torso.

2 days later Osborn has been feted a hero. But revelations of official corruption continue to flood out leading to indictments, and the President isn't happy with Norman. So Osborn decides to distract public attention by putting James Rhodes on trial for war crimes.

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Allan Jefferson
Nelson Pereira
Jay David Ramos
Francesco Mattina (Cover Penciler)
Francesco Mattina (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.
Editor: Bill Rosemann.


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(Clint Barton)

(Greer Nelson)
War Machine
War Machine

(James Rhodes)

Plus: Bethany Cabe, Glenda Sandoval, H.A.M.M.E.R., Jake Oh, Norman Osborn, Parnell Jacobs, Suzi Endo, Ultimo, Victoria Hand.

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