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War Of The Realms: Journey Into Mystery #2: Review

May 2019
The McElroys, Andre Lima Araujo

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Chapter 2: They who became powerful

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4 stars

War Of The Realms: Journey Into Mystery #2 Review by (May 12, 2019)
Death Locket is the latest in the line of cyborg Deathlok's. Her father Harlan Ryker created the Deathlok's John Kelly and Michael Collins in Marvel Comics Presents #62 and Deathlok (1990) #1. Avengers Arena #2 told us how his young daughter Becca was nearly killed and he had to cyborgise her to keep her alive. In that issue someone described her as Deathlok-ette, which she misheard as Death Locket and adopted as her codename.

(An alternate timeline Harlan Ryker was responsible for the original Deathlok Luther Manning.)

I don't recall Death Locket 'ditching' a SHIELD helicarrier. However we last saw her in Avengers Undercover #10 as a spy in Baron Zemo's Young Masters Of Evil and they had stolen 1 of them. So maybe since then she was responsible for bringing them down, including the helicarrier.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

War Of The Realms: Journey Into Mystery #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue ended with Ares catching up with our fleeing gang. This issue starts with Sindr recruiting him in New York. He's brought the Champions Of Europe to NY but her forces have defeated (killed?) them all. Ares still lives but *wants* to die so he can rejoin his dead son Alexander/Phobos in the Elysian fields. (Ares died in Siege but was brought back to life in the 2015 Contest Of Champions limited series.) But to get there he has to die in battle. Sindr offers him such a death if he'll 1st bring her baby Laussa.

Now we rejoin our heroes who were gathered together to protect Laussa, baby daughter of Freyja and Odin (but who's also part fire-demon), from the forces of Malekith, or more specifically his ally/subordinate Sindr, Queen of Muspelheim. Last issue they picked her up and went on the run. Ares caught up with them, but they must have escaped him because they're still on the road in Wonder Man's RV.

Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) is still driving because she's the only 1 who can. (Not even Simon Williams can drive his own van?!) Spider-Man (Miles Morales) is in the cab with her in civvies but is keeping his mask on to protect his identity. Kate talks him out of it because he's going to have to leave the van sometime. No-one wants to use the bathroom onboard!

Asgardian Balder asks WM's advice on where on Earth to head for to hide from Ares. Sebastian Druid has been watching War Of The Realms news on his phone and tells them that Frost Giants have taken over North America so there's probably no safe place they can drive to. Death Locket (Becca Ryder) suggests they could fly or dive. There's a ditched SHIELD helicarrier, and she knows where it is because *she* ditched it.

Everyone agrees that's a plan. But for the moment driver Kate is beat and wants to stop for the night, even though it's only the middle of the afternoon. She turns in to an RV Campground. Kate doesn't know how she found the place, but we see baby Laussa looking spooky. The place is full vans, but Balder advises they stay inside for safety. But then the Asgardian dog Thori says he smells something evil ...

... and they all rush out to avoid the smell from Laussa's diaper. Balder says it's not a normal Asgardian smell (maybe it's the fire-demon element). Sebastian asks who's going to change her, but as the only registered nanny he's elected (despite reminding them he's only a learner). As he leaves to do the dirty job with Becca to help him, the others are accosted by an old couple Sol and Flo as welcoming committee. Quick-thinking Kate comes up with the cover that they are members of the 1st Church Of Freyja on a mission to give aid to victims of the War Of The Realms. Strangely the couple have never heard of the War. They invite the group to a sing-along tonight, and when Becca brings the steaming diaper out the team decide to accept.

Meanwhile Ares is still on their trail in his battlewagon. He's at a truck stop which for some reason he sets fire to before he leaves. But that's the last we'll see of him this issue.

The team leave Thori to guard Laussa and go to the campfire. Kate figures the baby can get some sleep without everyone shouting around her. Sebastian learns that this camper community has been living here for years, and they have no contact with the outside world. Dozing Thori awakes to see Laussa sitting up and waving her hands about ...

... and coincidentally(?) an ember leaps out of the fire and stings Sol. The shock makes him reveal himself as a Skrull. Their cover blown the other campers turn into the same green-skinned aliens, but suiting their shape-shifting nature they have different body-forms like tentacles and sword-arms.

A fight ensues, but Balder sends Death Locket to protect Laussa. Druid reaches into his magic coat and pulls out Pinaka, the Bow Of Shiva, which he tosses to Hawkeye. She doesn't need arrows as it fires energy versions. Meanwhile Sol and Flo have turned into cheetahs to race Becca to the RV. She gets there 1st and opens the door to let Thori out to deal with the 'cats'.

The aliens all transform into basic humanoid Skrulls. It turns out they are deserters from the Skrull Secret Invasion who have been hiding here and have grown to love life as humans. And they're willing to kill to preserve their secret. But Death Locket feels the urge to bring Laussa out to meet them, and the baby (possibly literally) charms the aliens into peaceful friendliness.

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Andre Lima Araujo
Andre Lima Araujo
Chris O'Halloran
Valerio Schiti (Cover Penciler)
Valerio Schiti (Cover Inker)
David Curiel (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.
Editor: Wil Moss. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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(Miles Morales)

Plus: Balder (Balder the Brave), Death Locket (Becca Ryker), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Laussa Odinsdottir (Laussa), Sebastian Druid, Sindr Queen of Cinders (Sindr), Skrulls, Thori.

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