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Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #4: Review

May 2014
Rick Remender, Roland Boschi

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Winter Soldier: the Bitter March, Part 4

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4.5 stars

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #4 Review by (June 29, 2014)
Review: Another thrilling installment of the miniseries, with a more psychological angle. So far this series has been cool, hope they can come up with a big finish (even though we know it has to end with Bucky brainwashed again and Ran Shen quitting SHIELD to become a supervillain

Villains: Hydra, Winter Soldier. Comments: Bucky’s repeated exhortation to the gravely wounded (physically and mentally) Ran Shen is to “stand up.” This is the advice Steve Rogers was given by his mother in Remender’s Captain America issues, showing that it rubbed off on Bucky too—even it if is a bit of a retcon.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As the bombed train flies off the bridge, Ran Shen fires a grapple and cable so that he and Mila Hitzig can swing to safety—and then watch in horror as the train crashes into a village below….

Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier is holding onto The Drain as he attempts to escape with a jet pack. The villain exerts his psychic power to convince Bucky that he is a disgrace to everything Captain America stands for—and he lets go….

In the village, while the citizens try to escape the flames, Ran and Mila hide out in a safe building, but The Drain finds them and uses his power to turn Ran’s fears and doubts into a weapon against him. When Ran doesn’t respond, Drain manipulates several villagers into killing themselves. This ghastly sight compels Mila Hitzig to surrender to the villain. Wearing Shocky Dan’s electric gauntlets, Ran challenges The Drain and the baddie turns his power on him, overwhelming him with his own doubts about America and his mission and believing he has shamed his family—suddenly he is rescued by the arrival of the Winter Soldier but Drain is able to escape by using Mila as a shield. Ran is rescued by the Soviet killer, who is now mostly aware of his true identity, Bucky Barnes. Bucky and Ran trail Drain to the edge of a cliff, where they beat him down; the villain though, commands Mila to jump by convincing her that her discovery will only endanger the world. Bucky swings down on a cord to catch her and Ran savagely beats and stomps The Drain….

Roland Boschi
Roland Boschi
Chris Chuckry
Andrew Robinson (Cover Penciler)
Andrew Robinson (Cover Inker)
Andrew Robinson (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

(Bucky Barnes)

Plus: Ran Shen, The Drain.

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